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Alto Lead Plus Aluminium Flashing - 5m Roll


Alto Lead Plus is a high performance, low cost self adhesive aluminium flashing. It is suitable as an alternative to traditional lead in both pitched and flat roof applications. Typical applications include stepped flashings, saddles, soakers, upstands, valleys, gutter linings etc.

Alto Lead Plus is smooth in appearance, waterproof, durable, malleable and extremely strong. The polyisobutylene adhesive ensures a strong permanent bond to all building materials without the need for a primer unless a surface is unstable. Forming a watertight joint requires no additional tape or sealant.

Available widths are 180mm | 300mm | 450mm. 

  • Lightweight.
  •  Durable .
  •  Malleable.
  •  15 year guarantee with a life expectancy in excess of 20 years.
  •  No re-sale value, ensuring that theft is eliminated.
Technical Info
Technical Info



Surface finish


Temp. Resistance

-30ºc / +80ºc

Min. working temp.

+5ºc /+35c

Life expectancy

Minimum 20 years


15 years


MD 30% / CD 25%

Resistance to UV


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