Is it a window?  Is it a balcony? Velux Cabrio are both a window and a balcony in one.  They have become very popular in penthouses and loft conversions, adding a usable balcony space and adding desire and value to the property.

What is Velux Cabrio?

Velux Cabrio is a window that when opened transforms into a balcony space.  It is made up of two windows, the top part when opened can be fixed into place like a canopy.  The bottom part opens up to create the balcony area complete with side railings.  Clever eh? 

When open the balcony is quite a statement, when closed the double window will flood the room with light.

The Velux Cabrio system comes with everything you need in the box.

Where can I use this Velux Cabrio balcony?

Velux Cabrio can be used in roofs of anything between 35 and 53 degree pitches.  Most roofs are 45 degree pitches meaning they can be used in most loft spaces!  Velux Cabrio comes in a range of sizes and colours and will work alongside tile or slate roofs.

Do I need planning permission for a Velux Cabrio balcony?

Balconies and verandas do require planning permission.  Whether the Velux Cabrio is a window or a balcony is a bit blurred, but we recommend getting the planning permission to be on the safe side.

What finishes can I choose from?

Velux Cabrio is made of pine and can come natural or with a white painted finish.  This gives you the choice of whether you’ll make it a focal point or have it blend in.

Velux Cabrio comes with all the flashings you need for the exterior and these differ based on whether you have slate or tile on your roof.    

You will also choose whether you want a single, double, or triple window.

What sizes are Velux Cabrio available in?

For each of the single, double, and triple window Velux Cabrio there are two different width sizes.  This allows you to select the size that best fits your space.

Benefits of a Velux Cabrio window balcony

  • Brings a significant amount of extra light into the room
  • Creates an unusual and desirable feature to the space
  • Brings the outside inside
  • A Velux Cabrio balcony will add value to your property
  • It’s easy to clean
  • Additional fixed windows can be added to create a customised space.