At Burton Roofing we want to do more than just supply roofing products, we want to ensure you get the best results for your home. Which is why when ordering your VELUX roof window we ask you to consider the following 3 key questions:

1. How should the skylight to open?

You want to be able to open your roof window with ease, so do you require electric or manual opening?

If you want ultimate ease, the VELUX INTEGRA® is the answer. However, if you choose the manual operation the position of the handle and where the window pivots are important considerations.  Here's our guide to the opening options:

  • The Centre Pivot (top bar)

(Centre pivot roof window codes start with GG)

The classic choice of VELUX  roof window opening.  It’s the most versatile and the most common, perhaps because it’s suitable for the widest range of roof pitch between 15 – 90 °. The centre pivot opens with a top control bar, pivots in the centre of the frame and half of the window stays inside the room and half outside when open.

They are convenient for low installations, even if the furniture is below the window and have a 180° rotation function which means easy cleaning on both sides.

Alternatively they can be placed higher up towards the apex and operated with a telescopic VELUX Window Pole




The VELUX pole can also be used to operate out of reach blinds with the adaptor which fits all manually operated VELUX blackout blinds



  • The Top Hung

(Top hung VELUX window codes all begin with GP)

Top hung is the perfect choice when you are placing your roof window within easy reach. When installed at eye level with the top hung you'll enjoy panoramic views, unlike the centre pivot which are obstructed by rotating in the centre of the pane.

Suitable for roof pitches between 15 – 55 ° another important advantage with the larger versions of VELUX top hung roof windows  is they are suitable for emergency escape requirements.




The top hung window unfastens with a handle from the bottom. It can open to any position up to 45°.







Trade Tip  People don't always know that the top hung also comes with a centre-pivot hinge too, meaning the window can be rotated through 180° when needed, to allow for easy cleaning of both the inner and outer panes.

Like to see how easy it is to clean a VELUX ? What this quick video clip


  • The VELUX Integra (electric motor)

(Velux Integra codes all start with GG)

This innovative system of windows, blinds and shutters lets you open and close with just one touch of the pre-paired wall switch.

This window has an integrated motor which runs via electricity (you’ll need an electrician to install) or solar power. For the solar option you’ll have to be able to install an external solar cell that can be directly exposure to sunlight.
The Integra is the ideal choice when your window is out-of-reach.


The control pad, which can be used within 20m of the roof window is touch screen and uses icons for easy use.




A handy feature of the Integra are rain sensors as standard to automatically close your window when it begins to rain!


2. What internal finish do you require on your VELUX Roof Window?

What you window looks like is import, but there are also practical considerations.  The different VELUX options are:

  • White polyurethane recommended for humid rooms and out of reach areas this maintenance free option gives a bright white finish with no visible joints.
  • The pine finish which is coated with triple clear lacquer and matches traditional interior.
  • White painted in a water based breathable paint it with a discreet wood grain.  This option is lower maintenance than pine and again provides a bright look.


3. Which of the different VELUX glazing options best suit your scheme?

Glazing is possibly the easiest ways to increase the performance of your window. Laminated safety glazing comes as standard with VELUX products, but before making your choice consider whether any of the following different glazing options could benefit your home:

  • For extra sound proofing you can opt for the 60 pane noise reduction glazing. This provides all the usual benefits whilst also reduces traffic and other outside noise, including the sound of rain and hail. It also includes an easy to clean coating that repels dust.

  • For maximum safety and energy savings choose 70. The glazing option and if you require enhanced security features. For total peace of mind the 70Q has a 4 mm toughened outer pane for strength.
  • 66 pane to keep the heat in and for easy clean. The thermal efficiency option, efficiency glazing is a triple glazed unit. It includes an anti-dew coating that provides a clearer view by reducing the number of hours dew stays on the glass.
  • 34 is for privacy.  VELUX's opaque coated option.

Need help choosing the right VELUX window?  We're happy to help with product recommendations and advice. Get in touch with our experienced staff at your local branch or use the live chat in the bottom right hand corner.