With plenty of rainwater management systems to choose from, here’s a guide to help you find the right steel Lindab guttering for your next project.

With over half a century of experience in guttering products, Lindab is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the UK and a firm favourite with our customers.  If steel is your preference you won’t find better than the Lindab range of galvanised steel guttering. Combining style, strength, ease of installation and low maintenance, this is a galvanized guttering you can depend on.



  • Lighter than cast iron and easier to handle than aluminium.
  • Expands and contracts, making it incredibly strong and able to withstand the most extreme elements.
  • Less susceptible to damage from UV light – no brittle plastic, it won't creak or crack.
  • A UV resistant painted option - no fade.
  • Lowest carbon footprint - made from 30% recycled steel and is completely recyclable.
  • An easy to install system - well-designed gutter joints simplify quick and secure installation.
  • Built to last, Lindab guttering products come with at least a ten-year warranty and an expected 70- year lifespan.

From a plain functional galvanised steel guttering, to stunning shiny copper, Lindab has guttering for every application. Here’s what our customers have to say about the different Lindab gutters they’ve installed:

Rainline™ – superior steel gutter

Lindab’s Rainline range of galvanised steel guttering offers the highest quality, with the lowest CO-2 footprint of any other system. Rainline galvanised is an unpainted steel system suitable for new build, replacement, restoration or conservation projects.

The steel is 0.6mm thick, and is coated with 275g zinc per square metre. This is a naturally self-healing coating that won't discolour or rust. Rainline has the largest range of guttering colours - 12 distinctly different shades of polyester coating which is UV stable, will not fade or crack and is guaranteed for 15 years.

Customers Fran and Simon Ackerley, paid close attention to detail when building their modern farmhouse near York. They insisted on a substantial overhang on the roof line and chose Lindab’s Rainline guttering to avoid a ‘flat’ finish.


“We had a budget to work to, but we were also aware that whatever choices we made for the exterior would be long-lasting and have a big impact on the final appearance of the house” - Simon Ackerley

Mixing and matching Lindab’s colours is easy. Whether the aim is to blend with the colour scheme of a property or create bold accents of colour, any facelift is possible.

Magestic™ – the king of galvanised!

Lindab’s Magestic system is specifically designed with a strengthened magnesium- zinc alloy coating, making it up to 20 times more resistant to corrosion than other steel guttering. This provides a protective barrier that is particularly helpful in coastal areas.

These unpainted metal gutters naturally weather according to the environment settling to an attractive dark grey metallic colour 3-5 years after installation. The coating can also migrate to repair any cuts or scratches that may form. This system comes with a ten year warranty.

Mark Dixon is “definitely happy” with the half round Majestic he’s recently installed near Brechin, Scotland. Having used Lindab “a few times” he intends to use it on his own building soon “because of its durability and the fact that it looks amazing”.

Thinking outside the box – Lindab’s new Rainline Rectangular Range

Lindab's Rainline rectangular

Lindab has put a twist on the box gutter with a round bead on the forward-facing lip; Swedish style steel guttering., The combination of this feature with a box shape creates an elegant alternative to traditional guttering.

Stunning copper gutter

Copper guttering has been the preferred choice of both designers and architects when creating a grand design.

  • Environmentally friendly (on average 70% of the copper consists of recycled copper)
  • Fully recyclable
  • Safe to use and can be worked at extreme temperatures
  • High corrosion resistance to acidic rain
  • Low thermal co-efficient of expansion

Lindab copper gutter

Lindab Copper guttering were installed on a customers’ historic stables near Hull

With a life expectancy of 50 years plus, after installation exposure to weather helps it to develop a patina which protects the gutter.



Joints, angles, connectors, brackets and fixing screws, drain traps and gutter guards are all available to make fixing your gutter even easier and last even longer. There’s a repair kit and touch up paint for any chips or scruffs.


Trying to create an order list for your guttering can be tricky. If you are unsure exactly what rainwater goods you’ll need on your next project, save yourself some time and feel confident that you have exactly the right materials by getting in touch with our technical sales team, or use the chat function now.