If you’ve got VELUX roof windows in your bedroom, you’ll know how great they are at making the room bright and airy. But of course, there are times of day when you want to adjust the incoming light or block it out completely ready for sleep. That’s where the VELUX range of blackout blinds comes in...


VELUX blackout blinds are made especially for VELUX roof windows. They’re easy to fit, made for long-lasting and reliable performance, and come in a wide range of styles and colours.

Let’s take a closer look at the range...


VELUX Blackout blinds

This blind offers almost complete blackout at any time of day, blocking out 99.9% of light. Whether you need a quick nap during the day or a deep night’s sleep, this blind puts you in control of the light.

There are 24 colours to choose from, as well as three different operation methods: manual, solar-powered or electric operation. How to decide? Consider where the roof windows are placed and how often you’ll want to adjust the position of the blind. If your windows are in easy reach, manually operated blackout blinds have easy to use control bars that let you smoothly raise or lower the blind. Alternatively, remote-controlled solar and electrically powered blinds are perfect for out-of-reach VELUX roof windows... or if you simply love embracing the latest technology!

Duo Blackout blind

If you want more control of the light throughout the day the Duo blackout blind is a blackout blind and pleated blind in one. It offers the best of both worlds: blackout at any time or softly diffused natural light all day. This blind is manually operated with two control bars that can be adjusted independently. You can control how much incoming light to block out, diffuse, or let in simply by raising or lowering the control bars.

The Duo blackout bind is a great option if your bedroom is doing double duty as a home office - you can control the light while you’re working (perfect for those endless Zoom calls!) and then later make the room nice and dark ready for a great night’s sleep.

Blackout energy blind

If you want to up the cosy factor, check out the Blackout energy blind. Available in 12 different colours, it’s made with double-pleated polyester blackout cloth with a built-in aluminium honeycomb structure that improves insulation by up to 25%.


The blind comes in a manually operated option that’s perfect for roof windows within easy reach - the blind is adjustable from both the top and bottom so you can tweak the light levels throughout the day. If your window is not easily reached, the blind also comes in VELUX INTEGRA® solar powered or electric operation options.

Disney & VELUX Goodnight Collection

The kids will be delighted with this collection of blackout blinds with designs featuring popular characters from Frozen, Cars, and Winnie the Pooh. With 18 fun designs available, you can add a pop of colour to the room while helping the little ones get a good night’s sleep. Like all VELUX blinds, they also have a child safe hidden cord design.

Innovative features and easy installation

All of the above VELUX blackout blinds come with these features:

  • Slimline design with no visible cords
  • Made from OEKO-TEX® certified textiles that ensure no harmful substances are used.
  • Fast and easy installation with the VELUX Pick&Click!™ mounting system. No cutting or trimming required! All you need to do is click the top of the VELUX blind into the brackets and mount the side rails and you’re ready to go.
  • 3-year guarantee

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