How to choose the right loft hatch and ladder

Whether you use your loft space regularly or not, it’s important to have a safe point of entry.  A proper loft hatch, as opposed to a simple board, offers much greater convenience and ease of access to the loft, especially when fitted with a loft ladder.

If you want to create safe and easy access to your loft space without installing a costly and space consuming staircase, look no further than our Manthorpe ready-made range. Designed for quick installation, ease of operation, and to prevent your heat from escaping into the loft space; follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect loft access solution.



  • Measure


To determine what you’ve you got room for. If you are starting from scratch, you’ll be deciding on a new location for the loft hatch and ladder. Or, perhaps you are making improvements to the current access to the loft by enlarging an existing opening for ease of access. Either way, it’s wise to use a stud, pipe and wire detector to find your joists, and mark the edges of these on the ceiling to create your new access hole. Before you begin, check:

  • You have 100mm between the opening and any wall or obstruction.
  • You have sufficient headroom at the chosen entry point to the loft.
  • The position doesn’t have obstructions (like a header tank).
  • If you are planning to install a ladder: it can run in the same direction as your joists.
  • That no structural integrity will be lost when sawing your new opening.


  • Decide

What kind of loft access door? We have a range of loft hatches to suit different requirements. They all fit flush with the ceiling for minimal impact, and are a complete unit comprising of:

  • A frame which can be fixed into the trimmed opening with a seal
  • An insulated hatch
  • A seal between the hatch and the door
  • An unobtrusive, flush fit with the ceiling
  • A maintenance-free finish, that’s also wipeable so you’ll be able to remove unsightly fingerprints


  • Choose from …

Drop down              

Manthorpe GL250 Overall Size: 856mm x 686mm, Fitting Size: 562mm (max) 553mm (min) x 726mm, Accessible Opening: 715mm x 545mm

  • Simple to install & cost effective.
  • Considered to be the best on the market for air tightness.
  • Compliant with Part L of the Building Regulations it has been developed to reduce heat loss and prevent the problem of moist warm air entering the roof space causing condensation.
  • The multi-point catch mechanism maintains more effective draught seal around the entire accessible opening. It also reduces warping of the door and prevents sagging and gapping.

Push up    


Manthorpe GL260

Overall Size: 662mm x 662mm, Fitting Size: 562mm x 562mm,

Accessible Opening: 528mm x 528mm

  • Our cost-effective alternative to traditional loft space access.
  • Provides the perfect solution when space is limited, for example in a tight hallway.
  • Catches pull the door down onto the compression seal to give a tight seal between the door and frame.
  • Lightly textured surface that can be easily cleaned with a solvent-free damp cloth. Alternatively, the surface can be painted to match the interior décor.

Drop down One Hour Fire Rated          

Manthorpe GL270F Square: Overall: 580mm x 580mm, Fitting: 531mm x 531mm, Accessible Opening: 515mm x 430mm

Manthorpe GL280F Rectangular: Overall: 749mm x 584mm, Fitting: 726mm x 562mm (706mm x 542mm after lining with 10mm plasterboard) Accessible Opening: 665mm x 521mm

  • For situations where safety is paramount and when a fire-rated loft hatch has been specified by the building designer.
  • Mineral wool insulation provides a U-value of 0.35 W/m2K.
  • Manufactured from powder-coated steel.
  • A 1-hour fire rated loft door independently tested at Warringtonfire.


  • Install

Fitting varies according to the type of loft hatch you are installing, they come with easy-to-understand installation instructions that are also downloadable.
















  • Need a ladder?

To make your loft a usable space, the easiest way to gain access will be to fit a ladder.  

Our robust two and three section loft ladders from Manthorpe (GLL256 and GLL257) are compact, lightweight, and easy to install.


  • Metal safety catch which prevents premature drop during smooth sliding ladder operation.
  • Deep non-slip treads.
  • Rubber feet for extra stability. 
  • 3 section ladder comes with a mid-section handrail.


To determine which ladder will best suit your space, measure from the floor of your landing to the top of your roof joints and the dimensions of your loft hatch, or visit for further information.

Use the following table & diagrams below:


Q. Is it possible to install a loft access hatch myself

A. It can be done as a DIY project and there are no building regulations or approvals required - unless you are converting the loft into a living space. All the products listed above come with all the necessary mounting material and full instructions ensuring a simple, low-cost installation for DIY enthusiasts.

Q. How long will it take to install a loft access door?

A. Building a loft hatch and installing a ladder will take a professional just a few hours. If you decide to get a professional in, whilst installing a new hatch, a related job that can be done cheaper at the same time is improving your loft insulation.