VELUX roof windows can be a highly effective way to bring more natural light into any home. With a skylight or solar window, you can breathe new life into even the darkest rooms. But dirt and debris can build up over time – stopping that light from getting in. And that's when knowing how to clean VELUX windows can make a real difference.
With our extensive range of VELUX products, we can offer solutions for any project or roof type. In this guide, we'll help you make sure your roofing windows stand the test of time. From cleaning VELUX skylights to maintaining top-hung windows, get the tips and advice you need to ensure your home remains bathed in natural light for longer.

What do you need for cleaning VELUX windows?

The good news is that cleaning your VELUX windows won't often require any specialist products. Much of what you'll need is likely to be in the home, shed, or garage already. This includes:

  • Lukewarm soapy water (soft water is best)
  • A soft cloth or sponge, or a non-metal squeegee
  • Newspaper or similar to catch the drips
  • A step, stool, or ladder to reach those high and hard-to-reach windows
  • Chamois or micro-fibre cloth
  • Glass cleaner

If you're cleaning your VELUX blinds, using the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner often helps to get the job done to a higher standard.

Start with your air filter

To maintain a constant flow of fresh air, it's a good idea to remember to clean the air filter on a VELUX window. This foam-like strip will trap small dust particles within the internal railing of the window when open. And it is easy enough to remove and clean with household items.
Simply move the window into its cleaning position – rotating the sash into a horizontal position. A barrel bolt will then secure it in position on both sides towards the bottom of the frame. Next, remove the filter from its rail.
Using soap and water gently is all it takes. Once it's dry, you can then put the filter back. If you prefer, you can also purchase a new filter as part of the VELUX DIY Service Kit V22.

Cleaning the inner pane of your window

With many installations, it's likely that you'll be cleaning VELUX windows from the inside. This can make the task of cleaning the inner pane much easier.
Once the window is in its cleaning position, clean the inner pane with a soft cloth or sponge. In most cases, clean water will be enough. If your home is in a hard water area, however, VELUX suggests adding a non-abrasive detergent to prevent streaks forming on the glass when drying.
To ensure you don't damage your window pane, don't use chemical products or sharp objects. It is also recommended that you always use water before attempting to remove dirt.
To finish cleaning VELUX windows from the inside, wipe off all excess water.

How to clean the outside of VELUX windows

This can sometimes be the most challenging part of cleaning VELUX roof windows. But it's also important to make sure the outside is kept free from dirt and debris.
At all times, safety should be the top concern – whether you're using a step, stool, or ladder. For the hardest-to-reach windows or sun tunnels, you might need to enlist the services of a professional window cleaner.
If you're cleaning your VELUX windows from the inside, the process is the same as for cleaning the interior pane. It can be a good idea, however, to have two cloths on hand for the outside – one for removing the grime and dirt, and another to apply the finishing touches.
For windows that need to be cleaned from outside, avoid climbing up a ladder with a full bucket of water. Instead, consider taking a hose up with you and find a stable surface to fill the bucket up. It's also an option to use the hose itself to clean the pane – but be mindful of the pressure.
Knowing how to clean the outside of VELUX windows also means remembering to pay attention to the flashing. This is what connects the window with your roof surface. Over time, leaves and debris can build up. Your flashing needs to be cleaned around once a year to allow rainwater to flow freely around your window or skylight. This can be easily done with a brush.

Condensation and removing mould

Mould and condensation are two of the main things to watch out for when cleaning your VELUX windows. Roof windows and skylights can be particularly at risk from the build-up of condensation and mould because warm, humid air in your home always rises up towards them.
In the first instance, you can reduce or even prevent the build up of condensation by ventilating the room. One way to do this is to check your air filter is clean and free from debris (as above). Using a VELUX BDX 2011 Insulation collar when installing a window can also help.
If mould does build up, however, there are steps you can take to remove it quickly and without damaging your windows or blinds. As mould can affect your health, you should use a mask and goggles if removing it yourself. Make sure the room is well ventilated too.
Prepare a cleaning mixture using water and a non-abrasive cleaning product. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe the affected area with the mixture – taking care not to spread it further. Once you remove the mould, use a dry cloth on the damp area and ensure all remaining moisture is gone.

Some VELUX windows can be harder to reach than others. The shape of the roof and the ceiling height inside can both have an impact on how easy your windows and skylights are to reach. Or it can be something as simple as not having access to – or wanting to use – a ladder.
So, how to clean those high or hard-to-reach VELUX windows?
In some cases, a flat, long-handled mop can sometimes help you achieve the desired results. It might be, however, that only a professional window cleaner can get the job done properly.

How to clean a VELUX sun tunnel

For dark corridors and stairwells, a VELUX sun tunnel can be a great addition to your home. You won't need any special materials to clean it. But here are some of the main things to remember when learning how to clean your VELUX sun tunnel:

  • The glass pane must be cleaned from outside
  • The diffuser pane can be removed and cleaned from inside
  • When removing the diffuser pane, refer to your installation instructions

As with other VELUX products, it's important not to use abrasive or solvent products that could damage the sky tunnel.

How to clean electric VELUX windows

Some options – such as the VELUX Integra GGU CK04 – are electrically operated with the touch of a button. While they are perfect for bringing light in from hard-to-reach places, they also have unique cleaning considerations to be aware of.
In terms of how to clean electric VELUX windows, the same processes apply as above – whether it's possible to clean from the inside or in a high and difficult location.
One important extra consideration, however, is the need to replace the gas springs and motors. VELUX recommends doing this within 10 years of installation. By doing so, you'll help to ensure that your windows operate properly for many years to come.

Getting the most out of your VELUX windows

There is a reason why VELUX windows and skylights are a popular option with UK homeowners and tradespeople. The manufacturer is a market leader in rooftop solutions that flood even the darkest rooms and spaces with fresh air and natural light.
With this guide on how to clean VELUX windows, we can help you make sure your windows and skylights stand up to the test of time with ease. In addition to our extensive choice of products, we can supply VELUX accessories and conservation kits so you get the most from your windows.
All products in stock can be delivered the next working day if ordered before 2pm. You can also call 0800 124 4431 or visit your local Burton Roofing depot for more advice and information.