When it comes to roof windows and blinds, VELUX knows a thing or two. As the world’s leading manufacturer of roof windows, VELUX also produces a vast range of accessories and blinds to complement their innovative window designs.

Here at Burton Roofing, we stock a wide array of stunning VELUX blinds to complement almost any interior, offering the look and feel you want for your home. Every so often, you might find yourself wanting to make a change, but you might not know how to remove a VELUX window blind.

Luckily, swapping out or removing a VELUX blind altogether is a quick and easy process. In this guide, we’ll talk you through some common problems with VELUX blinds, how to go about fixing a VELUX blind and how to remove a VELUX blind.

We also offer a huge selection of other VELUX accessories, installation products and replacement glazing, in addition to our VELUX roof windows. Available with next-day delivery to select UK locations, we’re here to help you get your VELUX blinds removed and replaced in no time at all.

If you have any concerns or questions about how to choose, remove, replace or fit a VELUX blind, our friendly team of VELUX experts are ready to help. Call us on 0800 124 4431 or visit one of our Burton Roofing depots today to talk to a member of our team.

What types of VELUX blinds are there?

Over the years, VELUX has developed a huge range of innovative blinds to fit their roof windows. Renowned for their simplicity and easy-to-fit design, there are VELUX blinds to suit almost every taste and need. Some common types include:

  • Blackout blinds
  • Duo blackout and translucent blinds
  • Blackout energy pleated blinds
  • Translucent roller and pleated blinds
  • Venetian style blinds

More recently, VELUX have developed a range of anti-heat blinds to prevent attic and loft rooms from overheating during summer months. They even produce insect screens and solar-powered blinds you can control with a remote.

We stock some of VELUX’s finest blinds. If you would like to know more about our collection, drop into your nearest depot or contact our team today.

What are the common problems with VELUX blinds?

In most cases, customers rarely encounter problems with their VELUX blinds and usually only change them to suit their changing tastes or style. Plus, all VELUX blinds come with a 3-year guarantee as standard.

Nevertheless, there are a few problems that customers have encountered over the years that it’s important to watch out for. These include:

  • Loss of tension. This means when a blind becomes slack and is usually related to a broken spring.
  • Condensation. This can affect the rear side of your blind, depending on the humidity of your room and your blind will need to be cleaned regularly if so.
  • Condensation. This can affect the rear side of your blind, depending on the humidity of your room and your blind will need to be cleaned regularly if so.
  • Wear and tear. Of course, the longer and more regularly you use your VELUX blinds, the more worn they will become.

VELUX blind troubleshooting

Remote control blinds are some of VELUX’s most popular products. The convenience of closing a blind at the touch of a button appeals to a lot of people, but as with most technology it can occasionally go wrong, and you’ll find yourself needing to troubleshoot your blind.
Check to make sure your remote’s battery hasn’t run out, as this is usually the most common problem. As VELUX remote-controlled blinds run on solar power, it is important to keep their external facing solar panel clean. To do this you will need to know how to remove a VELUX window from its frame.

If you still can’t get your blind to work, it might be time to replace it or get a VELUX blind repair sorted.

Can I fix a VELUX blind?

Fixing a VELUX blind is possible in some circumstances, in particular the more traditional, manual blinds. For example, you might be able to fix a broken spring without too much complication. However, we don’t suggest you try to fix a VELUX blind yourself, especially the solar-powered blinds.

If you are unsure whether your VELUX blind needs repairing or replacing, you can give our friendly and reliable team a call or email, and we can best advise on how to get it fixed.

What do you need to remove a VELUX blind?

VELUX have made their blinds simple and easy to install, remove and replace. This means you can update them with minimal fuss, whether it’s to replace a worn out blind, to match an interior makeover or to change the use of the room entirely.

Whatever the reason, all you will need to remove your VELUX blind is a screwdriver with a small star-head attachment.

Things to remember when removing a VELUX blind

It is important that you take care when you remove a VELUX blind, particularly when you are removing it to clean and maintain your blind and window.

Although VELUX blinds are built to last, you can damage your blind and its mechanism if you are not careful.

When you remove your VELUX blind remember the following points:

    • Take screws out with care and keep them safe. You don’t want to damage screw holes, your window frame or lose any screws when you remove your blind.
    • Lay the blind and its housing down gently and out of the way. Dropping your blind can cause damage to its springs or mechanisms. Also, keeping it out of the way reduces the risk of stepping on it while you clean or repair your window.
    • Clean the blind and window with appropriate cleaners. Don’t risk damaging your blind by using harsh and unsuitable chemical cleaners.
    • Use the correct size star-headed screwdriver or VELUX fitting screwdriver. Using the wrong screwdriver can strip your screw heads making it difficult or impossible to use them again.

How to remove a VELUX blind

Whether you need to know how to remove a VELUX roller blind, how to remove a VELUX skylight blind, or you need to learn how to remove a VELUX roof blind, the process is exactly the same. Plus, to remove a blind you won’t have to take out a VELUX window.

With so many years of experience, VELUX have intentionally made installing, removing and replacing VELUX blinds as easy as possible for their customers. Simply follow the quick and easy steps on how to remove VELUX blinds below:

Step 1

Return the blind to its fully open position. This means back to where it would be when you can see through your VELUX window.

Step 2

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the blind casing along each side of your VELUX window.

Step 3

Remove the sliders and unscrew the plastic brackets at the bottom of the windows. Then remove the brackets from the window frame.

Step 4

Unclick the blind from the top of the window and pull lightly to remove the blind from the window frame.

If you need a little extra guidance, watch this useful how-to video created by VELUX. You can also contact our friendly team by phone on 0800 124 4431 or email us at enquiries@burtonroofing.co.uk for advice on how to remove a VELUX blind.

How to fit a replacement VELUX blind

Fitting a VELUX blind is just as easy as removing one. Follow the above steps in reverse order to replace your VELUX blinds easily. VELUX have even created a how-to video for installing and replacing new blinds to their windows.

Step 1

Click the blind into position, using the pre-drilled holes in your VELUX window. These will be where you removed your previous VELUX blind from.

Step 2

Insert the plastic brackets at the base of the window frame and secure these into place with the screws provided. Ensure you have a star-headed screwdriver to do this.

Step 3

Screw the blind sliders into position on each side of the window frame. Again, these will line up with the holes made by your previous sliders. If they don’t, try swapping them over to the other side.

Step 4

You should now be able to use your new VELUX blind with ease.

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