Do you have a low pitch roof and want to know your options?

With more and more people adding extensions to their homes, the need for low pitch roof tiles grew. And along with that, the need for colour and style variations to suit peoples designs and existing tiles on the main roof of their house.

Burton Roofing Merchants have put together a brief chart which has examples of low pitched tiles, beginning with the lowest and ending with higher (but certainly not the highest).

Please note: This is just a guide to point you in the right direction and not a technical recommendation.

Whether the tile you want is suitable for your roof is down to the discretion of the manufacturer, architect and the roofer who is tasked with installing the roof tiles.

If you would like to read more about these tiles, they are linked here:

Forticrete Centurion | Marley Melodie | Marley Wessex | Sandtoft 20/20 | Redland Regent | Edilians Double Panne S | Double Roman | Edilians Panne S | Concrete Plain Tile

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