Colder months, wet weather and the shorter day light hours present challenges to GRP winter roof work. Cure It’s Product Trainer Ted Kelly explains how with the correct checks, the right materials and proper planning, you can still get the job done!

The short answer to using the Cure It GRP system in Winter is there really isn’t any difference regarding curing times!  The resins are ‘weighted’ throughout the year to provide a consistent curing time of forty minutes or faster... assuming the appropriate grade of catalyst has been applied i.e Winter Grade in Winter etc.

Standard resin and Topcoat can be used on deck temperatures as low as 5 degrees. Cure It also automatically supply branches with our Extra Cold Resin and Topcoat during the colder months. These ‘accelerated’ resins can be comfortably used from temperatures 10 to 0 degrees and will give installers a ‘summer ‘ feel regarding wetting out and curing time.

For additional peace of mind, installers should also remember to:

Seal the boards

Apply a quick wash coat of catalysed resin - this will help protect decking against water ingress.

Keep the resin/ topcoat warm prior to use

The warmer the resin- the easier it is to apply. it must be warmed before use if the ambient temp is below 10 °C.  The resin must not be allowed to freeze. The surface board temperature.

Don’t Topcoat too late in the day

Avoid top coating after 2pm (unless it's really sunny). GRP will always cure much quicker in direct sunlight. It won’t cure in darkness as it need the heat from the sun. You may spoil the finish with gathered leaves/ debris overnight.

Stir thoroughly

The Cure It resins are formulated to give an incredible adhesion between board and laminate as well as massive flexibility in its finished state- it’s no good left at the bottom of the can!

Take care to mask off the roof and always move surrounding vehicles

In windy conditions - the fine spray will  be carried a long way!

Do not start to lay a roof when rain is forecast. When rain is approaching ...

  • Cover with visqueen sheet and wait! It needs to be completely dry to continue.
  • If you've prepared the OSB deck and rain is forecast, you need to seal it. Coat the deck with catalyst resin, focusing on exposed edges preventing moisture uptake until the laminate can be applied.

While the process for laying a GRP roof is straightforward, there are a few rules of thumb. Before installing a Cure It GRP roof why not attend a training or demo day at one of Burton Roofing Merchants’ nationwide depots or at the Cure It HQ.

Cure It technical Installation videos covering all aspects of GRP work can also be viewed on the Cure It YouTube Channel.

Find everything you need for winter GRP work here on our website.