Insulating your home will prevent heat from escaping through your roof and walls.

Houses in the UK are large consumers of energy, so by properly and efficiently insulating your ceiling, walls and floor, you will be saving money on bills and bettering the environment in the long run.

Insulating your property is an essential part of modern day living, this however comes with the pitfalls of moisture in the roof space and the eventual development of mould and mildew caused by condensation.

In our roof insulation & roof ventilation section we offer numerous options to insulate the loft space and choices of ventilating the airspace.

PIR Foilboards

PIR Foilboards are lightweight and easy to install. They give the same level of insulation as almost twice as much glass wool. Foilboards are made of high compressive strength and are easy to handle, cut and install.

They are resistant to most adhesives (except those containing ketones and esters) and resistant to mould and microbial growth. The upside to the PIR Foilboards is that they are multipurpose and can be used in floors, walls, pitched roofs and flat roofs.

At Burton Roofing we include ranges from: Kingspan (TP10, TF70, TW50), Xtratherm (Thin R), Ecotherm (Ecoversal), Ballytherm (PIR Foilboard).

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Insulation Rolls

For a natural insulation offering ultra-efficient properties then look no further than an insulation roll. When space for your insulation is at a premium, this high density insulation which can be rich in sheeps wool is the ideal choice.

With a density of 31kg/m³ the Thermafleece UltraWool roll, for example, offers exceptional acoustic performances in wall, floor and roof systems.

Research shows that using 75% wool in combination with recycled fibres outperforms alternative products with a higher percentage of wool.

The wool rich blend offered by Thermafleece ensures you get the full benefit of sheep’s wool with enhanced performance, durability and sustainability.

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Multifoils are the most energy efficient type of insulation and have a multiple useful properties such as vapour control - which prevents damp from building up and allows for a more breathable ventilation.

At Burton Roofing we have HYBRIS which is a honeycomb insulation. This ensures winter and summer thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and air tightness of buildings.

Its high thermal performance is certified by LABC. HYBRIS offers durable insulation as it does not slump down. Its components are healthy, respectful of indoor air, without irritating fibres. It is very light and pleasant to install.

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To go with this insulation we have the Actis Cutter which keeps the insulation "pinched" during cutting for better and faster cutting.

Please note: This is specifically designed for cutting ACTIS insulation. It offers the practicality of cutting all the components simultaneously.

View the Actis Cutter here.

Building Regulations, Standards and U-Values

The lower the U-Value the more insulation there is in a building element, (e.g a floor, ceiling or wall). Therefore the less heatloss.
Consequently, the higher the U-Value, the more heatloss you have in the home.

U-Values are important because there are certain standards according to the Building Regulations and Standards depending on location.

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