When approached by our customer P Pope to provide materials for the charity St George’s Crypt we were happy to assist. Along with VELUX, we’ve provided the 2 new roof windows for a ‘working workshop’ facility to be used by up to 20 people in Leeds.

Mention St George’s Crypt to anyone in Leeds and they’ll probably know who you’re talking about. A charity that’s been in operation for 88 years offering the homeless shelter, food and support in the heart of the city, the Crypt offers 24/7 emergency accommodation for men and women who are homeless or sleeping rough. You may have visited their café or seen the charity shops, but you might not be aware they have four 4 bed houses in the area. These are used to creating dispersive living for those with drug and alcohol addictions who’ve committed to an 18 month recovery programme with the aim of getting them back on their feet, based on the 12 step recovery model.

Instead of creating larger hostel type accommodation the charity has found that smaller houses, for groups of four men, are much more effective. “Mostly aged between 35-45, they are all on a similar journey and can support each other on their recovery. Working with the Howarth Foundation and a range of partner agencies in Leeds and further afield, the success rate for the guys maintaining their recovery has been incredibly high”.

One of these is a Victorian terrace BRM customer P Pope Builders has been working on. They spent part of last year forming new ‘purpose-built’ facilities that now host recovery seminars and training for recovering addicts and alcoholics out of what was once stables and then later an engineering works attached to the house.

The next step has been to provide a multi-purpose space for work-based learning for 20 people enrolled in the programme in the adjoining lean-to outbuilding. Structurally unsound and unsafe the building needed to be demolished and rebuilt. The roof was changed from a flat to a pitched and, together with VELUX, BRM donated the roof lights necessary to provide light for tailored activities, like furniture restoration, to support their recovery.



Recovery involves much more than just and having a roof over your head...

Social interaction, a purpose in life with meaningful employment, routine and structure are crucial and BRM are delighted to be able to contribute in a small way with facilities like this to help struggling individuals build lasting relationships, get back out into the community and become productive members of society.