Soffits and Fascias are terms used in the building trade for the finishes to the external of a building where the roof ends.These lesser known parts may go unnoticed when present, but miss them out and you would certainly spot that something didn’t look quite right.  Not only do they complete a building, they also serve a practical purpose too.

What are fascias?  

Fascias are the boards that attach to the rafter ends to give a finished look to your building.  Fascias can be wood, wood composite (coated with a resin), or PvC.  While wood is the cheaper option, remember it will need repainted, and no matter how well you look after it, wood will eventually rot.  PvC is more expensive but will last longer and will be lower maintenance over the long term.  There are two types of PvC fascia (sometimes referred to as ‘jumbo’ or ‘mammoth’), the thing you’re looking for is the thickness which should be 16-25mm. This type of fascia needs to be thick enough to attach to the rafters directly and to support any guttering, even when this is filled with water.  The other type of fascia is known as a cap it board or cover board, it’s usually around 9mm thick, this one isn’t strong enough to attach to a rafter directly and will need a timber backing, it’s more an aesthetic finishing product.  These type of cover boards are mostly used in refurbishments.  Fascias and soffits are both fixed in place using polytop fixings which match the look of the boards.  It is recommended that you attach an over fascia vent to allow ventilation inside the rafters


What are soffits?

The soffit board sits underneath the fascia toward the wall of the structure and provides a tidy finish.  It’s a non structural piece and purely for aesthetic purposes, although if you select a soffit with ventilation then it will provide this purpose.  The soffits are usually 9-10mm thick and can be plain or vented.  In terms of materials a soffit can be made from wood or steel, but PvC is by far the best choice.  PvC is hard wearing, resilient to water and rotting, and won’t need repainting like alternative materials.  It comes in a range of colours and finishes so plenty of choice when it comes to design, and of course it’s really easy to clean down.


We supply a variety of fascias and soffits to ensure you get the look and functionality that you want for your building.