So you’ve decided to replace your roof tiles, or perhaps this is a new build, either way one of the main parts of your build will be choosing the right roof tiles.  In this article we will highlight some of the factors that will influence your choice when it comes to selecting the right roof covering for your project. These factors will include; affordability, practicality, and of course, aesthetic.


Your roof tiles perform a very important function, their first purpose is to keep your roof watertight, and in that respect it’s not an area to compromise too much.  The roof tiles you choose need to be durable.  Replacing a roof is no easy job, and it’s expensive too - a tile that will last a long time will save you later - buy the best you can afford and do the job once.


Tiles can vary widely in price, set a budget and this will help you narrow down the range of tile options available to you.  Most home builderswill choose clay (a classic material here in the UK), or slate.  Natural slate is robust and of course the UK produces some wonderful slate, you do get what you pay for though, so buy the best you can afford.  Clay has long been used in the UK and this can be seen across Britain with the iconic red roofs, however if you don’t fancy a red finish, they do come in lots of different colours.


Everyone wants their home to look great, so a tile that is pleasing on the eye is an important factor.  Put the materials you plan to use in your roof side by side and check they match up.  Take a wander and look at houses that are similar in your area, notice the tiles they have chosen.  Order samples and take your time, you’re going to be stuck with this decision for a long time.

The weight of the tile you choose is significant as a thicker tile will be more durable, sometimes it’s worth investing a bit more for this durability as it will save you money down the line.


A couple more things to consider before you buy...

The pitch of your roof can affect the kind of tiles you can choose, so double check the pitch criteria of your chosen tiles before you commit and pay.

Before you make your final selection, check there are no local planning restrictions.  Some conservation areas  stipulate the type of roof tiles you’re allowed to use to protect the heritage and aesthetic of your town or village.