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C-Cap Disused Chimney Cowl 350mm Terracotta


C-CAP CHIMNEY CAPPING COWL Left uncapped, disused chimneys are exposed to issues such as nesting birds and airborne debris.  It is also an expensive waste of energy and heat loss to your home. The C-Cap can take seconds to fit and will solve these problems, potentially saving hundreds of pounds in further work.  

They are designed to allow essential trickle ventilation of the flue, whilst helping to  minimize  heat loss. Designed to fit a standard round pot. 350mm for larger pots which fit up to 330mm/13" outside diameter.

The C-Caps fit over the pots and are retained by galvanised steel spring wires.  The pots being secured to must be in sound condition, any cracked pot must be either replaced or suitably strapped to allow insertion of the C-Cap retaining wires.

  • Cap un-used chimney flues in seconds
  • 350mm fits pots up to 330mm/13" external diameter
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