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Code 3 Roll of Lead Flashing - 390mm x 6m


Approx 35kg

Milled Lead is the only lead flashing manufactured to BS EN 12588, the British Standard for lead and lead alloys. The production process ensures the product is consistent and has a similar thickness throughout the entire length of the roll. It achieves this by passing a lead slab continually through two hydraulic rollers until a specific thickness throughout has been produced. Hence the common name for the product rolled lead .

Code 3 lead is the thinnest lead roll available at 1.32mm in thickness, with a weight of 14.97kg/m2. It suitable for use on abutment soakers and is easy to work with due to it low melting point. The maximum length code 3 lead can be applied in is 1m, any longer than this and you are at risk of the product cracking and causing your flashings to fail.

At Burton Roofing Merchants we carry vast stocks of lead throughout our group to suit your roofing requirements, however if you can t find the product you require on our website, please contact our friendly sales staff at  enquiries@burtonroofing.co.uk  who will be happy to source the width and length of lead you require.

Ever wondered why it called Code 3?   Back in the day it weighed 3lb per square foot.

Technical Info
Technical Info
Code Thickness Weight Recommended  Uses
Code 3 1.32 14.97 Soakers
Code 4 1.8 20.41 Flashings, soakers, pitched valley gutters, dormers
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