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BRM Statement

Risk Assesment

In keeping with goverment guidelines please see below Burton Roofing Merchants Ltd Covid 19 Risk assesment for the possible transmission of Coronavirus / COVID-19 for retail premises.

Locaton: All locatons
Date of Assessment: 13/05/2020 Review Date: 12/05/2021 Revision No: 3
Persons Exposed: Employees: Other Workers: Public / Visitors: Young Persons: Estimated total number of persons at risk: >200
New / Expectant Mothers: Vulnerable Persons: Other:
Task Descripton: Risk assessment for the possible transmission of Coronavirus / COVID-19 for retail premises.

HazardFactors of HarmRiskControl MeasuresFactors of HarmResidual RiskFurther ActionsAcceptable Risk?
L S L S Yes No
Lack of Informaton 3 5 15 The company has subscribed to information and updates from approved sources. These include, but are not limited to:
The UK Government (UK Gov) (,

Public Health England (PHE) (,

National Health Service (NHS) (

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
Updates are passed to all staff members to ensure that they are kept informed.
Specific government guidance for Covid-19 in our sector is available at:
A tool box talk has been communicated to all staff and records kept.
There are daily news broadcasts on terrestrial and satellite television and so it is likely that all employees are keeping up to date with updates on the virus.
1 5 5 This is ongoing and will be communicated with all staff as they return from furlough.
Transmission of Virus / Hygiene 4 5 20 All employees are provided with information on good hygiene measure to include:
washing hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds.
washing hands when you get home or into work.
using hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available.
covering mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve (not hands) when coughing or sneezing.
putting used tissues in the bin straight away and wash hands afterwards.
not touching eyes, nose or mouth if hands are not clean.

All persons are instructed to obey ‘social distancing’ wherever possible. This means maintaining a 2m separation wherever practable.
Where possible social distancing measures should be put in place:

Limited numbers of customer to enter at a single time.
Forming queues outside with crown control barriers and markings.
Encouraging customers to shop alone if possible unless they need specific assistance.
Signs and floor markings indicating social distancing measures in place.
Consider how to reduce congeston with queue management and one way systems.
Using separate entries and exits to avoid face to face meetings and congestion.
Payments preferred by contactless where possible.
Screens provided to protect counter staff where possible
Staff to advise customers and maintain social distancing measures.
Avoiding people working face-to-face. For example, by working side-by-side or facing away from each other.
2 5 10 Ensure that notices are displayed requiring all persons arriving on site to use hand sanitiser, or similar, on arrival to the site.
Floor markings and floor signs will be installed before trade counters are open
Housekeeping 3 5 15 Adequate supplies of cleaning materials are kept on site. Cleaning staff have been instructed to increase the frequency of cleaning wherever possible.
Surfaces where regular contact is likely, such as door handles, and canteens / welfare facilities are being prioritised to ensure that they are cleaned.
Housekeeping staff are trained in the correct use of cleaning equipment and chemicals.
The site is subject to regular cleaning by trained and competent persons. If required a ‘deep clean’ is able to be requested.
2 5 10 A more regular inventory of the cleaning stock will be made to ensure that supplies remain adequate, especially if availability becomes restricted.
Emergency Procedures 3 5 15 The company has formulated an emergency plan to follow should closure be required.
Employees have been made aware of the emergency plan.
1 5 5 None Required
Persons Becoming Unwell 4 5 20 The symptoms of the virus are being communicated extensively through media outlets and government informaton and so it is likely that persons are aware of the virus and its symptoms.
Employees are instructed to remain at home at the first onset of any symptom.
Employees are instructed to follow official Government guidance on isolation procedures and the time that they are to remain away from work.
If employees develop symptoms on site, they should be sent home to self-isolate and seek testing.
(seek urgent medical assistance if symptoms are severe).
2 5 10 Site Management to remain vigilant for employees displaying the signs of symptoms of Coronavirus
Vulnerable Persons 4 5 20 The company is able to access the list of those persons classified as a ‘vulnerable person’ at any time from the UK Government:
For people identified on medical grounds:
The company’s policy on Vulnerable Persons will follow the official advice as above.
1 5 5 None Required
Social Distancing 3 5 15 Employees are instructed to maintain social distancing where possible.
Notices are displayed informing customers that social distancing measures are in place and should be followed.

Employees must ensure that personal hygiene standards are maintained to a high standard.

The company will ensure that handwashing facilities are available.
Infection control techniques must be increased to include regular washing of surfaces using a sanitiser with an alcohol content >60%.

If tasks require employees to be closer than 2m, then consideration must be given to wearing face covering masks, gloves, increasing hygiene and ensuring that the duration of the task is kept to a minimum.

Any task which requires skin to skin contact must be avoided.
2 5 10 All signs and floor markings will be installed before trade counter are allowed to open
Lack of PPE 4 5 15 PPE is not thought to be required for normal working tasks. The company does has adequate levels of PPE, to include face masks and gloves, for tasks such as cleaning.
While not normally necessary face coverings may be worn as per government guidance if necessary.
Employees are able to obtain PPE when required.
1 5 5 None Required
Customers and Visitors 4 5 20 Social distancing measures will be in place as described above.

All unessential visitors, meetings or appointments are be banned, and the use of teleconference or videoconference facilities should be used.

Visitors / customers are instructed to hand sanitiser on arrival at the site and when leaving.

Customers / visitors must follow the same infection control and hygiene rules as all other persons on site.
If a customers or visitor refuses to follow the company’s policies in any way, then they are to be removed from site immediately.

Any visitor or customer who display symptoms of the virus on arrival at the site will not be permitted access.
2 5 10 Information posters and notices will be prominently displayed before trade counters can reopen
Name of Assessor: Ainslie Johnson CMIOSH,
Paul Hatee