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Double Six Metric GRP class 3 DR-Refurb grey roof sheet - 3050mm



Filon GRP double reinforced DR-Refurb roof sheet in Double Six Metric profile, grey OPDR24E, nominally 2.4kg/m2 SAB, class 3 fire rated to BS 476 parts 3 and 7.

Filon DR-Refurb roof sheets are manufactured as standard to Filon colour Grey 931. Other colours are available to order. The standard fire grade is SAB, class 3 to BS 476 parts 3 and 7, but other fire grades are available to order. DR-Refurb sheets are for use as replacement for old or damaged profiled roofing sheets including obsolete profiles. To enhance strength and impact resistance an additional woven glass reinforcement is incorporated which provides a sheet with strength characteristics of a heavier sheet but still maintains sufficient flexibility to enable the sheets to be easily fixed into existing roofs. Filon DR-Refurb sheets can be used as a direct replacement, or directly laid onto existing damaged sheets - they are strong enough to replace and thin enough to overlay. In either case, this involves removing the fixings and fitting the DR sheet below the roof sheet at the head lap and at the underlapping side lap. The light weight of Filon DR sheets allow them to be laid over existing damaged sheets without the need for additional structural reinforcement. The additional strength of the sheets reduces the possibility of falling through damaged or broken roof sheets whilst remedial work is being carried out or if anyone accidentally steps on the sheets after the work has been completed.

Technical Info
Technical Info

L -  3050mm

W -  1310

Colour -  Filon grey 931

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