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Forticrete Gemini Interlocking Plain Tile


The Gemini®? tile is a double cambered interlocking plain tile which is suitable for pitches down to 22.5º.  The range has in total 1 colours.  It's an innovative tile assists in reducing a build cost and benefits the environment by reducing the quarried aggregate and haulage movement per m²

(In comparison to traditional Plain tiles)

  • 16.3 tiles per m² (60 for plain tiles)
  • Lays to 22.5º (35º for plain tiles)
  • 20% labour savings on installation
  • 30% reduction in weight
  • 42% timber savings on roof battens
  • 6% savings on roof trusses
  • 40% CO2 saving in manufacture
Technical Info
Technical Info
Min Pitch 22.5º
Min Headlap 80mm at 22.5º-29.5º, 75mm at 30º-70º
Max Headlap 95mm
Batten at Max guage 190mm at 22.5º-29.5º, 195mm at 30º-70º
Tiles per m2 at min headlap 16.6/m² at 22.5º-29.5º, 16.3/m² at 30º-70º
Weight as laid per m2 47kgs/m² approximately
Battens per m2 5.26lm/m² at 22.5º-29.5º, 5.13lm/m² at 30º-70º
Batten size 38 x 25mm up to 450mm centres, 50 x 25mm 450 - 600mm centres
Nails for tiles 45mm x 3.35mm Aluminium Smooth or Annular Ring Shank Nails 
Nails for clips





Refer to Manufacturers literature for further installation information®-twin-interlocking-plain-tile/gemini-plain-tiles.aspx

We are able to provide a range of associated fittings to complete your roof whether it is wet or dry fix.  If you can't find what you are looking for online please contact

  • Eaves Vent System
  • Dry Verge
  • Dry Ridge and Hip Systems
  • Mitred Hip
  • Gas and Soil Vent Terminal
  • Abutment Ventilation
  • In-Line Tile Vents
  • Half and Third Round Ridge Tiles
  • Universal Angle Ridge Tiles
  • Ornamental Ridge Tiles

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