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GrufeKit Brown Wildflower Tiles per m2


This GrufeKit appeals to all budgets, it includes the vegetation, tray and protection fleece.  The Wildflower seeds bloom in spring and summer then dies down in the autumn and winter leaving the recycled growing medium (soil!)

Free delivery is available when ordering a minimum of £150 +VAT on GrufeKit products. 

  • Extremely easy to install, simply clip together
  • Protects waterproofing and increases life of roof membrane
  • High biodiversity and allows windblown local seeds to grow
  • Easy to install budget system, which looks amazing in spring and summer with its range of stunning colours from the wildflower seeds. Will die back to bare soil in autumn and winter.
  • Optional maintenance.
  • Free delivery available when ordering a minimum of £150 on GrufeKit products.


Technical Info
Technical Info

Your GrufeTile will be supplied with established plant coverage, growing on 60mm 100% recycled growing media. The 3 layers of the green roof tile are:

  • Vegetation: 20-30 varieties of wildflowers and meadow grasses.
  • Soil: The media mix used is a special substrate prepared specifically for the GrufeTile
  • Carrier: Made from recycled HDPE plastic, the carrier acts as a water reservoir, drainage layer, protection from excessive drying of roots from the airspace below. They greatly improve product handing making it easier to install.

Product Guide



The green roof tile retains rainwater so no complicated irrigation system is needed.

Product details

Carrier dimensions 540mm x 540mm x 90mm (sold per m2)
Compressive strength 2.000kg/m²
Water holding capacity  20l/m²
Temperature range -50°C - +80°C
Drainage surface 318cm²/m² 
Outflow volume 40 l/m²
Saturated weight 65kg/m²
Guarantee 10 years

Please do not work out the quantity you require by the size of the tile, they are sold per m2.  The unit sizes allow for the interlock of the tiles.