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GrufeKit Scottish Pebbles 20kg Bag


Scottish Stone pebbles to edge your roofs or for creating features and walkways.

Free delivery is available when ordering just £150  +VAT on GrufeKit products. That's only 4no GrufeKit tiles!

There are a number of reasons to consider including stone areas on a green roof, some of these are:

  • Access, as plants such as  Sedum  are not intended to support frequent foot traffic it would be a good idea to consider stone paths if frequent access is required for maintenance or leisure
  • Aesthetic, some roof designs use stone areas to create artistic patterns or even a simple border might add character in some situations
  • Fire break, the FLL Guidelines and the  GRO Green Roof Code  include requirements for the provision of fire breaks within green roof design  
  • Wind resistance, in particularly blustery areas a stone border can be used to prevent the chance of wind uplift pressures on the green roof
  • Prevent debris, a stone border can effectively stop wind-borne plant parts and debris reaching the edge of the roof and gutters
  • Meet regulations, some councils stipulate the inclusion of stone areas for a number of reasons (usually to act as a fire-break)

Free delivery available when ordering a minimum of £150 on GrufeKit products.