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Jennytwin Slate Fixing Clips Pack 10 Pairs


Jenny Clip Slate Repair Twin Fixing (Pack of 10 Pairs)

  • The Jenny Twin® is designed as a replacement slate fixing for most slates which are fixed to open battens (with or without an underlay at rafter level) up to 70 degree roof pitches.
  • The Jenny Twin® secures the slate by hanging it from the batten to which it would have been nailed. A pair of Jenny Twin® fixings can hold in excess of 20kg.
  • Jenny Twin® fixings are designed for isolated repairs where nail fixings can no longer be achieved due to overlapping courses above.
  • The Jenny Twin® is made up of two sections, the main body which secures around and through the replacement slate and the swivelled tail which is held in the recess groove of the clip.
  • Main Body: cut, punched and shaped from aluminium strip to EN485,EN515,EN573 (designation 1050A-H14)
  • Swivelled Tail: cut and shaped from annealed stainless steel wire to BS1554 321 S31.

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