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Marley Vapour Permeable Underlay 50m x 1m


Marley Eternit's Universal Vapour Permeable underlay is a 160g/m2 membrane.

To comply with BS5534 this Universal Vapour Permeable Underlay comes complete with an integrated tape system, it  provides an  effective wind barrier with unrestricted usage across all UK wind zones. Manufactured using a multi-layer bonding process of polypropylene laminates, the underlay is an ultra strong, durable and easy-to-install under-tile layer that is suitable for warm or cold roof applications.

Marley Eternit have also provided printed guidance lines on the membrane which provides a visual reference to ensure sufficient lap as require by  the British Standard. It also ensures that the underlay is laid with  consistency  and is straight.

The Universal Vapour Permeable underlay will integrate seamlessly as part of a comprehensive Marley Eternit roof system, or with other manufacturers tiles and slates.

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 Integrated tape system for sealing underlay laps.
 Provides a vapour permeable underlay system with superb wind-uplift resistance.
 BS 5534: Zones 1-5 fully compliant - unrestricted usage.
 No need to increase laps to coincide with tile batten courses, minimising cost.
 No need to use an additional fly batten to secure laps.

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