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A great time to install solar energy

A great time to install solar energy

Did you know one of the UK’s ‘big six’ energy providers recently raised its standard tariff electricity prices by 15%, and its gas prices by 4.8%? (Guardian, 07/02/17).
With energy prices set to rise further, there has never been a better time to install solar thermal panels.

Why solar thermal?

Have you ever got into your car after it has been parked in the sun on a hot summer’s day, and felt the heat trapped inside? Solar thermal energy works in a similar way except that the heat is put to practical use heating water or the home.

By using heat from the sun rather than fossil fuels, solar thermal energy can save you money whilst also being great for the environment.

By installing solar thermal energy you can:

  •  Reduce your energy bills
  •  Help to prevent climate change by reducing CO2 emissions

How do solar thermal collectors work?

Solar collectors absorb rays from the sun, turn them into heat, and transfer the heat to a heat-transfer fluid. This fluid is then pumped into a heat-exchanger located inside the water storage tank where it heats the water.

Thanks to extensive research and development of discreet in-roof panels, CUPA PIZARRAS has launched the first and only roof solar collectors in natural slate. With a range to suit all construction systems, THERMOSLATE® solar collectors are completely undetectable once installation is complete.

Slate’s natural waterproofing, strength, durability, versatility and heat resistance make it an unbeatable material – THERMOSLATE® brings all of these advantages as well as being a more natural way of benefiting from solar thermal energy.

“THERMOSLATE® roof solar collectors are the only solar system to use the properties of natural slate, converting sunlight to energy to produce hot water or heating for the home or pool.”

For more information about our solar thermal roof, download the THERMOSLATE® brochure.