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Accessories make a house… a protected home!

Accessories make a house… a protected home!

The UK’s weather becomes increasingly unpredictable and so we need to think about protection from differing climates, all year around. Therefore, it is important that home owners take measures to protect their home throughout the seasons. Fortunately, FloPlast manufacturers a series of products for this specific purpose.
It pays to be environmentally friendly!

With British summertime just around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to consider becoming environmentally friendly with a 200L or 100L FloPlast water butt, perfectly designed to suit smaller gardens or limited spaces.

The EcoFlo range from FloPlast enables you to conserve water, saving you time and money on your garden. The range also includes 3 choices of rainwater diverter and a connector kit, which links two water butts together, for even greater economy. One of the diverters is for our 50mm Miniflo Rainwater system, which is ideally fitted with our half shed pack onto an outbuilding.
The water butts come complete with twist-flow tap and child safe lid; the close fitting lid also ensures the water stays clean. Stands are available for each water butt.

With the ever-increasing demand for us to become more eco-friendly, water butts offer the perfect solution to help keep your garden healthy and growing steadily this summer, whilst reducing your carbon footprint. 


Leaf Protection Systems

FloPlast’s range of leaf protection systems, help prevent blockages and debris, whilst saving you time and money from cleaning out gutters. 

FloGuard sits on top of the gutter system by simply clipping underneath the existing fitting clips and gutter brackets. Rather than the leaves and debris falling directly into the gutter and blocking it, they collect on top of the FloGuard. The product is available in 5m x 1m lengths, easily cut to any size/shape that is required and no screws are necessary. 

Another method to keep your gutter clear and free from blockage would be to install a FloPlast Balloon Guard. This invaluable system protects the downpipe system, no necessity for the costly dismantling of pipes to remove blockages. The product is a simple plastic balloon outlet guard that fits in the neck of the running outlet. It can easily be clipped in and is suitable for both 65mm and 68mm circular outlets.  DrainGuard is situated at the base of the downpipe system and helps eliminate blockages to the gully grid.

GutterBrush is a gutter filter that fits easily into your rainwater system, designed to keep it clear from any debris such as moss and leaves all year round, whilst still allowing water to flow freely. Gutterbrush is manufactured with a stainless steel wire centre which holds polypropylene bristles with creates a circular brush. This blocks debris from dropping into the gutter and blocking it but still allows water to flow through it freely. GutterBrush is available in white and black and comes in 4m lengths.

For further information on FloPlast’s range, contact your nearest Burton Roofing Merchant.