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Ashtons use Ubiflex Extreme

Ashtons use Ubiflex Extreme

Ashton Roofing of Hull trial Ubbink’sUbiflex extreme flashing system for their latest project in Hull.

Ubiflex Extreme is manufactured by coating both sides of reinforced aluminium mesh with silicone sheeting, one side Grey and one side Black. It has been developed for quick and easy installation and to withstand harsh weather conditions (-30°C to +180°C) keeping its superb product benefits and installation features.

The project involved a Chimney apron flashing, stepped flashings along the side and back apron flashing.

Traditional lead flashing would require a bare minimum of Code 4 which can be both costly and weighty . Ubiflex Extreme thickness easily matches that of code 4 and could easily be used reducing the cost, specification and installation time.

For more information on Ubiflex Extreme contact your nearest Burton Roofing depot.