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BRE tested and calibrated wind uplift calculator.

BRE tested and calibrated wind uplift calculator.

The radical update of the BS5534 which came into effect in March 2015 emphasised on roof security and overall safety. The document addresses in detail the specification of mortar bedding, battens, flashings, structural sheathing and underlays as well as a specific focus on fixings. BS5534: 2014 also includes guidance associated with UK meteorological data, such as exposure to driving rain and a noticeable concentration on the effect of wind pressures on roofing components.

Choosing the best roofing membrane – especially one to withstand damaging ‘underlay ballooning’ – can be difficult, users can now make an informed decision with the new online Wind Uplift Calculator from DuPont™ Tyvek®.

The BS5534 standard doesn’t just split the UK into 5 wind pressure zones but, critically, also requires that the following factors are taken into consideration, building roof height above sea level, site terrain, ceiling type and quality, slope and distance from any significant quantity of water .e.g. sea, reservoir, river, lake.

By entering these factors into the Wind Uplift Calculator, users will get advice on the most appropriate membrane. It’s quick and it’s easy.

The calculator is BRE tested and calibrated as accurate and in full compliance with all the requirements of BS5534.

Enter a few details into the calculator by one of the worlds leading membrane manufacturers to enable you to make a more informed choice. Click here for the Wind Uplift Calculator.