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Competition Winners

Competition Winners

Congratulations to all who took part in the Wienerberger Buzz Wire Challenge! This Competition put steady hands to the test as you were required to navigate the winding path and not touch the edges which gave an infuriating "BUZZZZZZZZZ" . With only two people completing the challenge to the very end, it was most certainly a difficult game.

Stockport Winner Simon Meadwell Sheffield Winner Chris Burton Newcastle Winner Chris Snowball Livingston Winner John McCabe
Stockton Winner John Procter Hull Winner Michael Skeer LCB Winner Owen Healy

Eyes on the prize! We say a big congratulations to this fine eyed dart players who gained the highest score in the VELUX Competition!

Leeds Winner Jack Compston

Some fine GRP skills were seen on the Cure It Corner Challange where customers gave their best shot at making the smoothest corner.

Pictured below is York Cure It Prize winner John Wilson.

It got extremely technical on the Gap Challenge as 'epic estimater' Colin Betney correctly guessed 461 gumballs in the GAP Gumball competition. Colin took a technical approach to the challenge by working out number of gumballs to square inch and then the circumference and depth of the bowl. Well done Colin your power drill was well earned!