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Concrete Confusion?

Concrete Confusion?

FAQ - Know your LARGE Formats

Here at Burton Roofing we have a wide variety of manufacturers and there are often very similar products within there ranges.  Clients can easily confuse their Double Pantiles with a Mendip or a Calderdale for a Modern.  One of the easiest ways to help you determine the manufacturer is to flip the tile over, however we all know that sometimes it is illegible or you simply won’t have a tile with you.  With each manufacturer having a unique interlock getting the wrong tiles can be a costly affair.  Even though our experienced team of staff will always be on hand to ensure you select the right tile we thought we’d put together this little guide that should keep you aware of these potential trip hazards and may help you identify what is on your particular roof.

Basic Large Formats

Below is a breakdown of three of the most commonly confused large format tiles and how they relate to each manufacturer.

Hopefully from the above table you can see the danger of simply asking for a ‘Double Roman, in Terracotta’ …. Which one?

Manufacturers Colours

Like the tiles themselves you need to be aware of similarities in colours (though not identical). Below is list of the commonly mistaken variables and how they relate to different manufacturers (please note there are more colours for each supplier, these are simply the most commonly mistaken finishes).

Colour DescriptionSandtoftMarleyRedland
Orange Terracotta Red Mosborough Red Terracotta
Brown Brown Smooth Brown Tudor Brown
Brown Sanded Antique No2 Antique Brown 02 Brown
Grey Dark Grey Smooth Grey Slate Grey
Red with Black Rustic Old English Dark Red Farmhouse Red, Red Rustic
Red Sanded Mottled Red Dark Red Antique Red
Blue/Grey Sanded Cornish Grey Greystone Discontinued


If you have the tile but cannot make out the manufacturer (from the reverse side) one good potential indicator can be the interlock. Below are the differing interlocks in relation to each Manufacturer.

Please note there are other Tile manufacturers available that we also stock.  These manufacturers also have other colours and profiles, these are simply what we have found to be some of the most commonly confused tiles and colours. 

Other potential indicators: 

  • Lugs, look at the positioning on the back of the tile.
  • Nail holes, these are often positioned differently depending on manufacturer (see the Marley Modern in comparison to the Sandtoft & Redland)

We hope this guide has been helpful and don’t forget if all else fails simply contact your Local Branch or email us your enquiry to and we will do our best to identify your tile and fulfil your requirements.