Crossgrip used on Manchester Airport Refurbishment!

Crossgrip used on Manchester Airport Refurbishment!

Project: Manchester Airport

Brief: To provide high-performance slip-resistant matting in order to form safe walkways on roofs and exposed areas

Solution: Crossgrip slip-resistant matting

The Brief:

  • To overcome the problem of providing a permanent and all-weather safe walkway for accessing rooftop services.
  • To source a walkway which will protect the roof from being damaged, pierced or worn from repeated pedestrian traffic and equipment.
  • To source a walkway matting which can be loose laid for ease of installation yet is sufficiently stable to withstand hurricane force winds.

The walkway should be self-draining, resistant to bacterial growth, maintenance- free and, being virtually indestructible, offer long life-cycle performance.

As part of its refurbishment, Office Building ‘4M’ at Manchester Airport required repairs to the roof surface, which had deteriorated. DTZ were appointed as project managers for the scheme and they in turn appointed contractors Weatherproofing Advisors to repair some areas of the roof.

The brief was to install safe, slip-resistant walkways together with demarcation lines running alongside the fall arrest systems. In addition, it was important to protect the roof itself from damage caused by boots and equipment.

DTZ and Weatherproofing Advisors solved the problem by specifying Crossgrip. This well- known and well-proven roof safety matting was laid to create several walkways across the large expanse of roof. The matting was specifically chosen because its deeply-etched open grid surface provides permanent high slip-resistance even in the worst weather conditions. Furthermore, Crossgrip is quick and easy to install because it can be loose laid on flat roofs. Its flexibility means it will contour easily over uneven surfaces and smoothly over seams while remaining stable underfoot.

James Peeling, Senior Surveyor at DTZ comments, “The Crossgrip solution has helped us to make the rooftops safe at Manchester Airport. Not only does it provide a heavy duty and safe surface in all weathers but it creates a definitive demarcation line giving staff safe and guided access to the rooftop services. Its tough surface provides excellent slip-resistance whilst also protecting the roofing materials and membrane."

Crossgrip is made with flexible 100% PVC. The deeply etched open grid surface is self- draining, resistant to UV and bacterial growth and is virtually maintenance-free. Due to its flexible construction, it is easy to lay and contour and, as wind tunnel tests prove, is permanently stable even in hurricane force winds. The matting is available from Burton Roofing Merchants in 10m rolls and in standard widths of 60, 91 and 122cm.

Do you need a rooftop walkway matting that’s durable enough to withstand hurricane winds, but also quick and easy to lay?

Would you prefer a walkway matting that requires no maintenance, but continues to ensure the safety of anyone who needs to access the roof, year after year?

Are you looking for a simple and effective way of protecting a roof surface from potential damage caused by pedestrian traffic and equipment?

If so, you can find out more about Crossgrip matting or purchase it now from Burton Roofing Merchants.