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CUPA PIZARRAS: 125 years of unrivalled quality

CUPA PIZARRAS: 125 years of unrivalled quality

125 years ago, the founders of CUPA PIZARRAS extracted the first slate from the Solana de Forcadas quarry in northern Spain. Unique amongst our competitors in celebrating this milestone, our long history in the slate industry gives us unrivalled expertise.

Still producing CUPA 3 slate today, our first quarry is now the oldest in operation in the world! And like all of our quarries, it maintains our brand’s reputation through the issuing of dated declarations of performance and international certificates for every product.

“Our resolute commitment to quality has earned us the trust of thousands of architects, installers and customers, reaffirming us as world leaders in the natural slate roofing sector.”

CUPA PIZARRAS can also boast a rich history of innovation – since its inception in 1892 it has been committed to researching and developing new techniques to provide high quality products and services to all its clients. This is reflected in the fact that CUPA PIZARRAS imports 150,000 tons of slate to the UK each year, and has increased its UK market share over the last five years from one fifth to a third. This means its products are now installed on 60 UK roofs every day.

Slate’s peerless technical qualities adapt to any project, always providing substantial added value. Julian Gomez, Director of Marketing at CUPA PIZARRAS, comments:

“Natural slate can be used for so many applications, and with our focus on research and development we have expanded this potential even further. Today, we offer cladding options with CUPACLAD and CUPACLAD Design as well as Thermoslate, which is a roof solar system that is installed on a slate roof to convert sunlight to energy for central heating, hot water or pool heating.”

Changing technology has allowed us to adapt to the modern marketplace, but the basic product and its production process remains unchanged, so that the history of our business is encapsulated in every slate.

“At CUPA PIZARRAS we are proud that our slates have been chosen to renovate some of the world’s most important monuments.”

Want to learn more about our products? Download the Cupa Pizarras brochure here!