Cure It Evo GRP build up

The new Cure It EVO System has been designed for application direct to insulation boards. Installation is faster and more cost effective than the traditional method for applying GRP to insulation for roof areas above habitable spaces.

Lower Costs

  • Standard insulation fixings and ply-decking can be used in build-up
  • Only one decking layer required
  • 20% cheaper material cost (Compared to typical GRP standard weight warm roof construction. Excluding installation costs compared to typical GRP warm roof)

Easier Fitting

  • Less specialised installation process
  • Uses more standardised components
  • Simplified trim installation

Quicker Installation

  • Over 50% fewer fixings required
  • Reduces warm roof installation time by over 20%
  • Decking and insulation build-up can be installed by 3rd party joiners/builders

To learn more about the Cure It Evo range contact you local depot or enquire here.

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