Devonian roof for Jurassic fossils, with Glendyne Slate

Devonian roof for Jurassic fossils, with Glendyne Slate

Glendyne Slate on Fossil museum

Fossil museum The Etches Collection, in Kimmeridge, Dorset, is protected by a new high-performance roof in keeping with its character, thanks to Glendyne.

Steve Etches MBE was a fossil collector and researcher who over 30 years amassed over 2,000 specimens from the late Jurassic Kimmeridgian period. The Etches Collection now houses his collection in the picturesque village of Kimmeridge, which is situated on the Dorset Coast in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The museum was listed as one of the twelve new museums to visit in 2016, and the building itself mixes modern and traditional materials to achieve a synthesis of new and old which sits perfectly amid the beauty of its surroundings.

Sustainability was high on the list of requirements for the museum building, which was funded by the local community as well as charitable trusts and the Heritage Lottery Fund. When the planners received roofing samples to review they felt Glendyne natural slates were the perfect choice. Janie Price, an architect who worked on the project, commented "Glendyne slates, together with Haysom Purbeck Stone, have successfully blended the museum into the surrounding traditional cottages. The slates allow the design to fit the traditional vernacular whilst its detailing is contemporary."

Available now from Burton Roofing, Glendyne natural slate is an attractive blue-grey in colour and pairs high performance with great value for money. The ease of extracting slate at the quarry means high yields which keep production costs low. State-of-the-art processing facilities and quality control ensure an excellent finished product every time. Operating an externally audited quality management system based on EN ISO 9001, the quarry strictly adheres to this standard as well as all quality standard procedures required by the regional markets it supplies. Overall, this means that Glendyne is one of the most independently accredited natural slate available.

As it is tested to BS EN European standard, BS EN 12326-1:2014, Glendyne has to be subjected to many of the laboratory tests (type testing) at least annually, with factory production control (FPC) performed and recorded routinely by the producer.

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