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'Did You Know?' - High performance Low risk

'Did You Know?' - High performance Low risk

Due to economic and market factors lead prices will always fluctuate.

With lead prices on the rise and theft on the increase, there is a definite requirement for flashing alternatives. Aluminium flashing offers a great solution to conventional lead, which has always been used in both pitched & flat roof applications. One such product is called Alto Lead, which is produced from sheet aluminium with a polyurethane coating. The polyisobutylene adhesive is used on the underside to adhere the flashing to the surface of the roof.

Why should I use Alto Lead? 


Roofing products like Alto Lead, a lightweight construction material are extremely safe to use. It is easy to shape and can be cut using scissors or a knife. Shaping the structure ensures that no sharp edges are left behind.

Speed and ease of use.

The adhesive used ensures that a strong as well as permanent bond is formed when using Alto Lead. The material is so strong that you do not need to apply a primer before use. The watertight joint using this product do not need any extra sealant or tape to keep them together. 

Many might think that installing this material takes a lot of time. However, the fact is that such installations are pretty rapid and there are no hazardous issues with them. Alto Lead carries with it a 15 year guarantee period with a life expectancy of over 20 years.

Theft prevention.

because this product does not look like conventional lead flashing the risk of theft is massively reduced.

If you would like any further information on Alto Lead, please contact your nearest Burton Roofing Merchant. We would be delighted to hear from you.