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'Did You Know' Roofline & Guttering Top 10

'Did You Know' Roofline & Guttering Top 10


Q. Are FloPlast products compatible with other manufactures gutter systems?

A. See the FloPlast compatibility chart for full specifications!

New to old

Q. How can “Cast Iron” Style gutters be connected to traditional cast iron?

A. FloPlast have an extensive range of adaptors. Use the 2 piece adaptor RD5.

Tricky fixings

Q. How do I install gutter with out any fascia boards to fix the fascia brackets to?

A. FloPlast supply a universal rise a fall bracket which comes complete with a spike to set into the mortar between brick work. This bracket then allows you to fix a normal bracket to it.
Alternatively, FloPlast also supply rafter brackets which fix straight onto the side or top of a rafter and again allows you to fix a fascia bracket to them.

Let there be colour!

Q. What colours are available and what is the colour coding for them?


Black Jet Black RAL9005
White  Signal White RAL9003
Brown Mahogany Brown RAL8016
Grey Grey RAL 7046
Caramel   Caramel RAL 8003
Sand  Sand (Light Ivory) RAL 1015
Cast Iron Cast Iron (Black) RAL 9055


...size matters

Q. Which screws should be used to secure fascia brackets to fascia boards?

A. For 2 hole fixing use 25mm x 5mm non-ferrous round head screws 1 hole fixing use 40mm x 5mm non-ferrous round head screws.

Safety safety safety

Q. Has hollow soffit got a Class 1 Fire Rating?

A. Yes, hollow soffit was tested by the BBA to BS476-7 and delivered a rating of Class IY.

Tricky turns

Q. How do I connect Corners, Joints and Trims to fascia and soffit?

A. FloPlast recommend that the use of Low Modulus Silicone or a proprietary adhesive such as super glue to fix corners, joints and trims.

In a tight spot?

Q. How do I connect fascia board together at an apex?

A. The fascia is connected together with an inline joint and is usually covered up with a finial.

I just need space...

Q. How much room should I leave for expansion on the fascia boards?

A. When fitting the fascia board into a corner/ inline joint then we recommend you leave a 5mm gap to the centre of the joint for expansion (10mm overall).

How much space?

Q. What is the recommended spacing for pins and nails?

A. Pins and nails need to be installed every 600mm to the rafters. Two pins are required for soffit that is 200mm or wider.
Anything less that 200mm does not require pins.  For fascia board it is always two pins, every 600mm.

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