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Introducing Charlie Luxton

Introducing Charlie Luxton

Charlie Luxton is passionate about sustainability and architecture. He has spent the last 10 years designing and building sustainable buildings, making television programmes about architecture and design, working on environmental community projects, and giving talks on all aspects of sustainability. 

Charlie also has a healthy television career appearing on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 as well as Sky. Follow him on Twitter, Charlie Luxton @charlieluxton or

The following article is an overview of an article which first appeared on Fundamentals of Energy Efficiency by Charlie Luxton. 

Charlie highlights the increased attention to climate change and the nation’s health. As the cost of fuel rises, it is key to the nation’s health and happiness to ensure that we can all affordably warm our homes. 

However, he has experienced the balance of short term and long term benefits is not always managed successfully in building projects. Super sleek German kitchens and hi-tec surround sound cinemas might be the luxuries of today, but low energy homes are the “must have” of tomorrow. 

Charlie suggests that a focus on reducing heat loss through insulation, good windows and airtightness rather than a focus on low carbon technologies, such as; Heat pumps, photo pholtaics or Bio-mass boilers.

Essentially, Reduce heat demand as much as possible, before you work out how to heat.

Did you know? A house will go through at least 4 boilers before windows need replacing, so getting them right at the beginning of a project is critical. It is important to think about glazing options. 

In summary, reducing heat loss first by good specification of high insulation products makes a more efficient cost effective and healthy home.