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Introducing Ubiflex Extreme from Ubbink

Introducing Ubiflex Extreme from Ubbink

A Premium Lead Alternative from Ubbink

Ubiflex Extreme is a high-quality waterproof flashing material which has been developed for quick and easy installation and to withstand harsh weather conditions keeping its superb product benefits and installation features. Ubiflex Extreme can be used for most flashing applications where lead is traditionally used. Ubiflex is made of silicone and reinforced with an aluminium mesh.

Wind uplift resistance

Ubiflex Extreme was tested at the BRE with Extreme Fix and withstood wind speeds of 100 mph.


Ubiflex Extreme does not react to aluminum, copper and zinc and has superior resistance compared to other flashing materials. However, if Ubiflex Extreme is likely to come in contact with aggressive chemicals during work or maintenance, first test on a piece of material before proceeding. If in doubt contact your reseller.


Recommended tools

Use undamaged bossing tools, no metal or rubber hammers.

Recommended fixing methods

Brickwork: Chased into brickwork and use Ubiflex clips.

On tiles: Extreme Fix to be used behind the leading edge and on all overlaps.

Other: Nailed or screwed against subconstruction
(on sheltered spots).