ReadySlate chosen for low pitch solution in Drax West Yorkshire

ReadySlate chosen for low pitch solution in Drax West Yorkshire



This recent project in  Drax, West Yorkshire called for a low pitch solution that would match into a pre-existing slate roof.  New to the UK, ReadySlate® was put to the test.

With building standard code BS 5534 recommending a minimum pitch of 20 degrees for slate roofs, and most slate manufacturers not recommending slate to be used below 25 degrees this means slate is overlooked as a solution for low pitch roofs. This often means alternative products are used which can result in contrasting aesthetics. This was the case in Drax, the conservatory extension to the main building was finished with a standing seam metal, its reflective shine creating a contrast to the main slate roof. Wanting to rectify the problem, the owner chose ReadySlate to incorporate Slate.

ReadySlate is the first pre-assembled natural slate roofing system that can go down to 18.5 degrees (and lower with additional fixings). The ReadySlate® modules are composed of 6 high quality hand-quarried natural slates, mounted on a waterproofing bituminous membrane. Its modular design ensures complete waterproofing and seamless integration with any existing roof elements, becoming one of the best solutions for any kind of building covering, especially low pitch roofs making it the perfect solution for the Drax project.

“It is a great product for getting slate laid below the recommended pitches and also good to know that the weight would be significantly less than some other materials whilst keeping the natural slate appearance.” - Installer Anthony Dransfield Roofing West Yorkshire Ltd

Drax Before Shot Drax after Installation

ReadySlate presented a great way to consistently use slate across the Drax project. From the Before and after images the aesthetic benefits can truly be appreciated with natural slate creating a seamless transition from the main roof to the conservatory.

stallation was quick and easy with each strip composed of six natural slates large areas can covered quickly.

“Where there is less cutting to do it was more than twice as fast as normal slating”  - Installer Anthony Dransfield Roofing West Yorkshire Ltd

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