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Roofing in tandem, now that’s what we call neighbourly love!

Roofing in tandem, now that’s what we call neighbourly love!

As anyone who is considering building an extension will have realised, neighbours have an important role to play in many aspects of the process. Usually the people next door will experience some of the pain of the work without enjoying the benefits, but that’s not the case for my neighbours in Slayleigh Avenue who’ve joined forces and selected our customer, RMS Construction (an experienced, family owned construction company based in Sheffield) to undertake the extensions to their homes.

The two properties have both had double storey side extensions using our new rosemary roof tiles which seamlessly harmonise with the roofs on the original houses. One has a single height flat roof extension at the rear which has been created with Cure It products, all of which was designed by architects at the Design Team Partnership based in Sheffield.

Whilst it is unusual that two neighbours have extensions built together by same company, there are a number of good reasons to collaborate when building up to the party wall, including the obvious one that both have a shared interest in saving time and simplifying the process, so all matters relating to the party wall can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

RMS explained the advantages in terms of management of the project include having only one architect to refer to and a single team to manage both sites:

“Both clients can and have attended one site meeting. But if one client is unable to attend the other can relay their questions/ comments on their behalf and both neighbours are understanding of each other’s needs whilst the build is going on- less disruption”.

Working at the same time on both properties means there are savings to be had – from the single site set up cost, sharing scaffolding and skips to going halves on professional and legal fees, and using their doubled-up buying power for material purchases.

Work began on site in November last year and is due to finish imminently, but the result is already incredible. The adjoining homes don’t look excessively similar and perhaps the most impressive way the architect has kept the individual feel of both houses has been by using different roof shapes. RMS construction explained that it did make the roof lining a “little tricky”, along with building the party wall at the same time with both builds being so close.

The roofing materials, Rosemary Roof tiles, felt, VELUX roof window and Cure It GRP were ordered and delivered for both sites at once. We were pleased to hear from RMS that our “roof materials were of good quality” and that all aspects of Burton Roofings’ service from sales to delivery was of a good standard, the willingness to work with us was great and we would definitely use you again”.

Thank you RMS, we very much look forward to supplying your future projects!

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