Royal Artillery - London

Royal Artillery - London

Royal Artillery roof in Glendyne Slate

This impressive listed building retains its character with Glendyne natural slates on all visible slopes.

The Ministry of Defence undertook the redevelopment of Woolwich Barracks in order to provide high quality accommodation for non-married personnel. This project was part of the Single Living Accommodation Modernisation (SLAM) project, and involved the use of around 20,000 Glendyne natural slates in renovating the building’s roof.

Beginning in 2003, the SLAM project aimed to upgrade more than 20,000 bed spaces, common and utility areas, and ancillary facilities across the UK, and is one of the biggest refurbishment and new build projects in the country. In Woolwich Barracks, six new accommodation blocks were created, with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable elements. The blocks incorporate over 400 ensuite rooms, including disabled bed spaces where three standard rooms were remodelled into two, complying with DDA regulations to result in functional accommodation which is also comfortable and convenient.

Royal Artillery Rooftop Glendyne slate

As Woolwich Barracks is a Grade 2 listed building, the natural slates chosen for the visible roof slopes needed to be a close match to the original ones. Glendyne’s strength and top of the range W1,S1,T1 classification under BS EN 12326 made it the ideal choice. Heinie Basson, a contractor who worked on the project, commented: “This was an important project for us. The Woolwich Barracks is a local landmark and we wanted to ensure that our customer, and the local community, were happy with the end result.

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