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STONETACK™ Natural Slate Wall Panel

STONETACK™ Natural Slate Wall Panel

The innovative STONETACK™ slate panel is the first self-adhesive interior wall cladding which is produced from natural slate.

In the fast paced world we live in today the STONETACK™ peel and stick slate panel is ideal in both domestic and commercial properties when transforming a room could be as simple as ‘Stick and go!”

Made from natural slate with a thickness ranging from 5.5 to 7.5mm you can achieve textures that imitation panels can only aspire to. The slate panels are packed in boxes containing 6 panels, each measuring 540x300mm. One box is enough to cover approximately surface area.

Installing STONETACK™ is incredibly fast and easy.

Just follow these simple tips:

  • Before installing panels, store them for at least 4 hours in the location where they will be placed, at a temperature of 15°C or above.
  • The wall where you plan to install the panels should be smooth, level, solid, compact, and free of cracks. You can apply the panels to wood, ceramic, and smooth cement surfaces, as well as painted walls. If the surface is painted, be sure that the paint is in good condition. Remove any visible surface irregularities. Do not install on wallpaper, plaster, or cardboard.
  • Let the surface completely dry before beginning installation of Stonetack™.
  • Begin installation of the panels on the lower part of the wall, moving upwards.
  • Be aware that once you apply the panels to the wall, you will not be able to remove them. It’s best to test any design beforehand, leaving the protective film in place.
  • The user-friendly design allows you to cut panels lengthwise with the help of a simple utility knife.

Important Notes:

  •  STONETACK™ natural slate panels are for interior use only.
  •  They should not be used in humid environments such as kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, or saunas.

Decorating ideas:

Try cutting sheets of STONETACK™ with a utility knife to design creative mosaics. Another great idea to enhance a wall’s overall appearance is using decorative trim (aluminum, steel, PVC, etc.).

Full installation instructions are available here