Why choose Crossgrip Walkway Matting?

Why choose Crossgrip Walkway Matting?

We speak to Craig Young of The Centre Livingston to hear his first experience of utilising roof walkway matting in PVC material for all-weather access. Craig who is the Technical Services Manager kindly provided us with the following Crossgrip case study feedback;

Why did you choose Crossgrip?
We selected Crossgrip because of the ease of installation, it’s non- slip properties, reduced amount of labour for installation and the wind tunnel testing report for lifting.

Was it easy to install?
Yes it was basically a roll out installation, easy to cut and connect together.

Would you recommend/ Use again?
Certainly, it’s a simple to use solution against the alternatives.

Overall Crossgrip experience?
We have had an overall good experience of Crossgrip, the speed of installation, grip, drainage & the prompt supply services of Burton Roofing Merchants Ltd of Livingston.