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At Burton Roofing Merchants, we stock a wide range of natural slate roofing tiles and artificial slate tiles that are perfect for repairing your existing roof or installing into a new sloping roof. Our stocked ranges include; Cupa Pizarras (Spanish Slate), Barcamp Brazillian Slates, Glendyne Canadian Slate and Welsh Slate. Each range offers a wide range of thicknesses and sizes.

Why is slate used for roof tiles

Slate is a natural material with unmatched technical qualities which can last for over 100 years. Unlike other products, the colour and properties of slate remain unalterable through time with little to no maintenance required.

Roof slate is an extremely durable product being both resistant to the elements and fire, it offers one of the longest life expectancies of all roofing systems, with some suppliers offering upto a 100 year guarantee when installed correctly, resulting in a great investment for any property.

How to slate a roof?

The rules and regulations on how to slate a roof will depend on your location. You must always check the rules and regulations for your specific region.

The typical build up of a slate roof in England; breathable membrane, roof batten , and slate roof tiles.

How to slate a roof in Scotland?

A typical Scottish build up ; Sarking boards (fixed to joists),cross batten, breathable membrane, counter batten, and slate roof tiles

Other Key considerations that will affect the build up of your slate roof also include;

Roof pitch, this will inform the required overlap of your slates (as defined by the manufacturer). Wind zone, this will inform both the required membranes required and often the required fixings required, again this will vary from region to region. Insulation placement, depending on whether your roof is to be a warm roof or cold roof. This will affect the composition of your slate roof.

Please always consult suppliers guidelines when installing.

How to fit a VELUX window in a slate roof?

VELUX windows can easily be installed into a slate pitched roof, the key is ensuring you have the correct flashing kit which is designed to integrate your VELUX roof window perfectly into the roofing material, making your window weathertight, whatever the conditions.

VELUX EDL flashings are designed to allow the standard installation of a single roof window into a slate roof. They are designed for slate material up to 8mm thick, and for a roof pitch of 15 to 90 degrees.

To learn more about EDL VELUX Flashings view sizes, technical information and fixing guides here.

How to fit ridge tiles on a slate roof?

Available in Concrete, Clay and composite Ridge tiles create the perfect clean finish to the apex of the roof and every detail must be taken in assuring they are fitted correctly. In accordance with BS 5534 Ridge tiles can no longer be solely fixed with mortar. All Hip and ridge tiles must be mechanically fixed. If mortar is used, the ridges and hips must also be mechanically fixed. For more information on ridge and hip tiles please view our range here.

How to cut slate roof tiles?

There are several ways you can cut slate roof tiles and a variety of cutting tools. Two of the most common methods of cutting are by using a Slaters axe or a hand held slate cutter.

A slaters axe is ideal when working with thicker slate, to begin with, the back of the slate is scored with the axes edge. Then placing the slate on an overhang or bench iron, the slate is cut away with the axe.

For use with thinner slate, the hand held slate cutter is a quick and easy solution to cutting slate. As before, the back of the slate is scored, then working along the grain of the slate, cut the slate as if you were using a pair of scissors.

Please remember to always wear PPE when cutting slate as it is an extremely sharp material and can easily splinter.

For further information on how to cut slate read our blog on slate cutting methods.

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Spanish Slate

Black and Grey slate in varying thicknesses and sizes.

British Slate

Blue and Grey slate in varying thicknesses and sizes.

Brazilian Slate

Unique Green slate in varying thicknesses and sizes.

Canadian Slate

Blue/Grey colour and excellent physical characteristics.

Artificial Slate

Manmade slate with uniformal sizes and thicknesses.

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