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Foil Insulation

Foil insulation provides an extra layer of insulation, ensuring your domestic, commercial or industrial building meets the correct building regulations. Here at Burton Roofing Merchants, we have a wide range of TLX Gold insulation and TLX Silver insulation available to help achieve this.

The TLX Gold insulation combines both breather membrane and multi-foil insulation in a single application product. The first of its kind, it made roofing, re-roofing an existing loft room, and upgrading pitched roof insulation much easier. TLX Gold insulation is a 2 in 1 insulating breather membrane, venting moisture whilst insulating like non-breathable PIR board.

TLX Silver insulation can also be a great option. It’s flexible, thin and suits a variety of applications. It’s often used during refurbishments as it fits neatly between rafters. The outer layer reflects heat and air as it’s made out of metallised film, while its core provides an air and vapour tight insulation solution.

Find the perfect foil insulation for you in our listings.

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  1. TLX Gold Insulated Breather Membrane 12m2
    TLX Gold Insulated Breather Membrane 12m2
    • Lightweight
    • Air barrier
    • Replaces roof underlay
    • Requires minimal space
    • Easy and quick to install
    • Upgrades existing insulation
    • Complements new insulation
    • Allows water vapour to pass through
    • Clean and easy to use, no protective clothing required
    • Controls heat loss through management of convection, conduction and radiation
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