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Ubbink UB19 Hooded Tile Vent for Mendip/Double Pantiles - Sepia


Ubbink's UB19 vent is a streamlined hooded vent suitable for a almost all profiled roof materials.

The tortured path through the 4mm louvred grille and internal weathering geometry is designed to maintain a 22,000mm2/m of air flow per unit whilst channelling any water ingress out of the vent and on to the roof covering.

Integral sidelock clip to ensure secure fit
Extensively & independently wind tunnel tested
Can be used for high and low level roof ventilation requirements.
Has 4mm louvred fly screen grille to prevent blockage from falling debris and entry of large insects into the roof space.
For use with mechanical extraction or soil stack / vent pipe termination; either the Ubivent felt sleeve and adaptor or the Ubbink stepped adaptor should be used.