Lightweight Roofing Tiles

With sustainability at the forefront of everyone's mind, builders and homeowners alike are seeking alternatives to traditional roof tiles. Manufactured in the UK, Britmet lightweight roofing tiles are rising to the challenge.

Their range of products can be utilised at roof pitches as low as 5 degrees and are quick and easy to install. Thanks to their anti-vandal sheets, these lightweight roof tiles can also provide extra security.

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What are lightweight roof tiles?

Lightweight roof tiles are any tile that weighs under 20kg per square metre. Although they may weigh less than a traditional roof tile, don't be fooled. Lightweight roofing from Britmet is made from durable Aluzinc steel which has been coated with a durable and tough acrylic finish.

Lightweight tiles can be made from a variety of different materials, including metal, composite, and synthetic slate.

What are the benefits of lightweight roof tiles?

Following the UK's pledge to work towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050, there's been a rise in popularity of working with lightweight roofing materials, by both homeowners and site managers.

Whilst there are a plethora of advantages to using lightweight roof tiles over traditional ones, the most obvious is that they're much easier to move around because they're lighter. This leads to more fuel-efficient transportation, helping to reduce carbon footprints.

In addition, because of their lighter weight, using lightweight roof tiles can potentially speed up the roofing project, and therefore reduce labour costs. Not only are they cost effective, but they're safer to use during installation.

Depending on the integrity of the building structure and the pitch of the roof, lightweight composite roof tiles are often more suitable than traditional tiles, whilst still providing excellent protection from the elements. In fact, the design of the lightweight roof tiles can improve weatherproofing performance because they're installed in sheets instead of individual tiles. Not only that, because all Britmet lightweight roof tiles are made from high-grade Aluzinc steel, they offer a 40-year guarantee against weather damage.

When you choose Britmet lightweight roof tiles, you're choosing green. Britmet have recycled over 3 million tonnes of polymers in the manufacturing process of their Liteslate range of synthetic slate lightweight composite roof tiles.

What are the types of lightweight roof tiles available?

Britmet lightweight roofing has everything you need for your roofing project, no matter how big or small. Available in a variety if colourways, including terracotta, moss green, tartan green, rustic brown, bramble brown, and titanium grey.

Britmet Villatile

Recreate the look and feel of the oldest tile in a thoroughly modern way. Britmet Villatiles give the appearance of a double roman concrete interlocking tile. Made from the highest quality Aluzinc steel, these lightweight roof tiles not only look great but also stand the test of time.

Britmet Ultratile

Most popular profile for leisure homes, the Britmet Ultratile collection can be fixed on roof pitches as low as 10 degrees. Ultratiles are designed to give the look of a traditional tile appearance.

Britmet Profile 49

Featuring the aesthetic of a traditional British tile, Britmet Profile 49 lightweight roof tiles weigh only 7kg per m2 compared to 51kg concrete tiles. Designed to be used on roof pitches as low as 10 degrees, they can also be installed on vertical elements. Durable, tough, and designed to withstand even the harshest of conditions.

Britmet Plaintile

Sleek and simple, the lightweight Plaintile offers an economical alternative to traditional concrete or clay tiles. Thanks to their innovative design, these lightweight composite roof tiles are suitable for roof pitches between 15 and 90 degrees.

Britmet Barrel Hip

The rounded edges of the Britmet barrel hip help to reduce noise from rain or hail. Compatible with all Britmet lightweight roof tiles. Easy to install and maintenance free.

Britmet Angle Hip

Compatible with all Britmet lightweight metal roof tiles, the angle hip is designed for creating a tight, reliable seal on tile top courses for hip roofs.

Britmet Vent

Ensure your roof top has adequate ventilation with a Britmet vent. Available coated in the same finish as corresponding tiles in the Britmet range. Easy to install and offers a maintenance-free roofing system.

Britmet Flashing

Create a secure seal against abutments with Britmet's flashing. Ensure you affix the correct left-side or right-side to your roof for a watertight finish. Compatible with both the 0.9mm and 0.45mm metal tiles. Easy to install without the need for cement or mortar.

Britmet End and Tops

Ensure your roof is completed and watertight by installing ends, valleys, barges and tops to your roofs. Offering durability for optimum weather protection and noise reduction. Easy to install and available in a choice of colours.

Britmet Touch Up Kit

Keep your roof looking its best with Britmet's touch up kit. Designed to treat small areas where scratches and/or blemishes have occurred during installation. Available in the same colours as the lightweight roofing tiles.

When to use lightweight roof tiles?

Increasingly, lightweight roof tiles are being used more in building construction by site managers seeking a modern and greener alternative to traditional roof tiles. But it's not just domestic homes for which lightweight roof tiles are being used.

Britmet lightweight roof tiles can also be installed on structures where traditional, heavy roofing materials puts too much load and stress on joints, including:

  • Conservatories
  • Outhouses and barn conversions
  • Sheds
  • Lodges
  • Static Caravans
  • Camping pods
  • Commercial properties
  • Get your lightweight roof tiles from Burton Roofing

If you're looking to embrace sustainability, whilst also providing a solid and secure roofing solution, you can rely on our selection of Britmet lightweight roof tiles.

Stocking everything you need for your lightweight roofing project, browse online and order today for swift delivery within 2-3 working days.

With over 35 years' experience in the trade and an ‘excellent’ rating on Trustpilot, thanks to hundreds of positive reviews from our customers, Burton Roofing is a name you can trust.

Contact our friendly sales team on 0800 1244431 or email if you have any questions about which lightweight composite roof tiles you should choose or you need assistance with another project.

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