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Thermafleece Cosywool Insulation Slabs


Thermafleece Cosywool Flexible slab uses the  original blend of over 75% sheep wool and alongside recycled binder fibre to provide a reliable and versatile medium density insulation. Sustainability, durability along with enhanced performance are achieved by utilising the rich wool blend that Thermafleece Cosywool is produced from.

Thermafleece Cosywool slab is a general purpose insulation suitable for walls and roofs, the slabs provide an extra tight friction fit between rafters and joists providing excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

  • Made in the UK - containing British Wool
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic properties
  • Highly Breathable
  • Available in 4no thicknesses and 2no widths
  • Can be installed without gloves or protective clothing, although we recommend you wear a dust mask in enclosed spaces such as lofts.
  • Thermafleece Cosywool flexible slab  is not irritating to the skin, eyes or respiratory tract.
Technical Info
Technical Info
Thermal Conductivity 0.038 Wm-1K-1
Density 22 kgm-3
Water Absorption   (@100% RH): 30% w/w
Specific Heat Capacity 1800 Jkg-1K-1
Mould Resistance  CUAP 2002-01-25 Pass
Moth/Beetle Proofing  ISO 3998 Pass
Vapour Resistivity 9 MN ·s ·g-1m-1
Ignition Point >500oC
Spread of Fire to BS 5803-4 Pass
Recoverability and thickness
Thermaflece CosyWool Slab pack sizes
Product Dimensions (mm) Items per Pack m2 per Pack
50 x 390 x 1200 42 19.66
50 x 590 x 1200 28 19.82
75 x 390 x 1200 27 12.64
75 x 590 x 1200 18 12.74
100 x 390 x 1200 21 9.83
100 x 590 x 1200 14 9.91
140 x 390 x 1200 15 7.02
140 x 590 x 1200 10 7.08

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