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Ubiflex Extreme Roof flashing 300mm x 5m


Ubiflex Extreme is a high quality waterproof flashing material which has been developed for quick and easy installation and to withstand harsh weather conditions keeping its superb product benefits and installation features. Ubiflex Extreme can be used for most flashing applications where lead is traditionally used.  

Ubiflex is made of silicone and reinforced with an aluminium mesh.  

  • Easy to install.
  • Zero scrap value.
  • Non toxic.
  • Does not react to aluminum, copper and zinc.
  • Cheap Lead Alternative.
Technical Info
Technical Info
Length 5m

Black one side grey on the other (can be laid either way up)

UV Resistance Excellant


Tensile strength (N/50 mm)
Longitudinal 487N
Transverse 1212 N


Elongational (%(L/L))
Longintunial 84 º
Transverse 12 º


Fire Rating
(BRE Test) Class A