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VELUX KFX 210 Smoke Vent Control System


Control system consisting of control unit (KFC 210) with integrated break-glass point and switch for comfort ventilation (24 V output voltage, 10 amp), additional break-glass point (KFK 100), and smoke detector (KFA 100).


CE-marked in compliance with EN 12101-10.
Controls up to 4 GGL/GGU smoke-ventilation roof windows or 1 CSP flat-roof smoke-ventilation window.
Integrated emergency power supply for 72 hours.
In-wall mounting or with frame for on-wall mounting, unit dimensions: 398 x 393 x 127 mm (W x H x D).
Colour of control system: White NCS S 1000N
Possible to link to up to 10 KFC 210/220 control units enabling control of up to 80 smoke ventilation windows.
Enables control via external alarm systems, if required.

Kit comprises of:

  • Control system 3FC F0X
  • Smoke detector KFA
  • Break-glass point KFK
  • Key
  • Frame
  • Back-up batteries
  • Black cable
  • Labels