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VELUX TCF 0K14 1010 Flat Roof Sun Tunnel


VELUX TCF 0K14 1010 Flat Roof Sun Tunnel

Natural daylight where you never thought it could be. Ideal for windowless bathrooms, corridors and cupboards. The new Velux sun tunnel diffuser pane comes with EdgeGlow technology, a ring of clear glass that ensures a greater spread of light throughout the room.

The VELUX flexible sun tunnel is recommended when an obstical in the roof blocks the direct path of rigid tunnels. The VELUX rigid sun tunnels provide the maximum amount of natural light in the VELUX range.

  • Polycarbonate roof dome
  • Easy to install with integral flashing.
  • Double layer acrylic ceiling diffuser.
  • Can be used for night time lighting with an optional low energy light kit.
  • Comes with white ceiling ring.
  • 10 year guarantee on windows and flashings.
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 0 °and 15 °
  • BBA certified.

VELUX sun tunnel for use in flat roof situations with a flexible tunnel. It features a number of innovative features that improve performance and make installation even simpler than before such as the integral flashing, double layer diffuser and easy-to-clean coating. You can be certain that VELUX have designed a sun tunnel with an effective natural daylight solution.

  • Roof Pitches 0 º to 15 °
  • Recommended tunnel length 0.2m-0.9m on a flat roof
  • Perfect windowless bathrooms, hallways and cupboards.